Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Looking Forward

Name: Natalie Noelle Norman
From: Honolulu, Hawaii
Grade: Freshman in College
School: University of Hawaii at Manoa
Votes: 28


Natalie Norman

Volunteerism impacts communities immeasurably by bringing individuals together to
make positive changes. Throughout my life, I have enjoyed
volunteering for numerous causes. I have spent Thanksgiving serving
meals at a homeless shelter and I have volunteered my time to the Sam
Maloof Foundation as a Teen Advisor. However, my favorite experience
was deciding to create a club called Student Support when I was a
senior in high school.

The purpose of Student Support was to create a safe environment for
students to better their campus, their community, and the world.
Throughout the school year, my club met weekly. Each week we would
conquer a new task in attempt to create positive change. Through
Student Support I have planned and executed projects such as clothes
drives for local youth in need, support groups open to any student on
campus, and, my personal favorite, a bake sale to raise money for
children in Syria. My responsibilities as a volunteer, as well as the
founder and president of Student Support, was to coordinate weekly
meetings, decide how the club would spend its time volunteering, and
then provide the materials necessary to execute our projects. The
biggest challenge I faced was juggling the full time responsibility
of being a volunteer and leader with the responsibilities that come
with being a senior in high school. However, that challenge was
easily overcome with the satisfaction of bringing my peers together
to make a positive impact and better the world around us.

Volunteering my time and energy through Student Support gave me valuable
leadership, planning, and time management skills that will aid me
throughout life, specifically in my future career as an elementary
school teacher. I believe that educating the youth, as well as
volunteering ones’ time, is an investment in making the future
greater. I view my experiences as seeds that have been planted for a
lusher tomorrow. To me, “looking forward” means to observe how
our experiences volunteering will contribute to an improved future.
If I were to come back in “ten, twenty, or even thirty years”, I
do believe that my volunteer activities will have “made a
difference”. Everything that one does has an impact, regardless of
how large or small. Using Student Support as my vessel, I know that I
have made a difference to those that my members and I provided with
clothing, funds and support. As well as this, I hope to have made a
difference to those who were in Student Support. I hope to have
instilled the desire to help those who are in need and to take the
opportunity to create a superior tomorrow wherever it lies.

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