Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Love What You Do

Name: Brook Hoesing
From: Arlington , NE
Grade: 11
School: Arlington High School
Votes: 0

Community service plays a large role in the world today. It improves the lives
of both the giver and receiver. Usually volunteering is done out of
selflessness, however, I will admit, I do it for some selfish reasons
too. When I volunteer for youth softball and basketball camps at my
school I do it because I love seeing those little girls every day,
and I love showing them how amazing sports can be for a young girl.
Too many girls in schools around me give up on sports when they reach
high school. I volunteer my time with the youth to make sure that
does not happen to these young ladies by the time they can be high
school athletes. I want to make sure they realize that sports are not
just meant for boys, but are meant for anyone willing to put in the

Another community service of mine in raising funds for pancreatic cancer
research. My aunt died last spring after battling with pancreatic
cancer. It is a terrible sickness that not many people know about.
There is always a ton of publicity for breast cancer, but there is
not a lot for pancreatic. I volunteer to help make this cancer known
so that more people will fund research for its cure. I never want
anyone to have to go through what my family did during my aunt’s
battle with it, but unfortunately many still do.

One of my favorite community service moments was when I helped put on a
golf tournament in memory of my aunt Kelli. All the proceeds, of
course, went to the research fund set up in her memory. We started
setting up at 6:30am, and by 7am the golfers were off! Seeing all
those people come together just to celebrate my aunt’s memory and
donate to her research fund was truly amazing. The golfing was
followed by an auction, all the items were donated and they went for
much more than they were worth. We raised over $4,000, it might not
sound like much, but to me it was like hitting the jackpot.

I volunteer my time to make a difference for things I am passionate
about. Sports have been such a huge part of my life that I want to
make sure other girls can experience, and love them as much as I do.
Cancer has affected  the lives of almost everyone I know. It
affected mine greatly when it took the life of my aunt Kelli. I put
together events in Kelli’s memory to help inform people about
pancreatic cancer, and to give them a chance to donate money for
research for its cure. These acts might not sound that flashy or
amazing, but to me volunteering for community services is not just
about finding what will look good on a resume, or essay, but finding
something that you are truly passionate about improving. I found what
I am passionate about, and work to better it every day.

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