Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Making My Community Better, One Child At A Time

Name: Brittany Toth
From: Perry, Oh
Grade: 12
School: Perry High School
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Toth, Perry High School

My Community Better, One Child At A Time

So how have I made my community
better, one child at a time, you wonder? By being a leader to the
future generation of our community, the precious young people. This
has been my biggest priority and that’s how I am making my
contribution towards making my community better. One of those
activities that I am most proud of is my experiences with my church
instructing young children in both Sunday school and vacation bible
school. I have been doing this for about 4 years. I spend time with
them learning bible verses, sharing bible stories and singing worship
songs. I exemplify a positive attitude, demonstrate reliability and
dependability and illustrate my utmost appreciation of and love for
our creator. And I tell them that no matter what, they will always
have a friend and they will never be alone as long as they have Jesus
in their heart!

Another is my commitment to the Perry Service Learning (PSL) program at my
high school this year. One of my volunteer activities for the PSL is
at the local YMCA. There I have been able to work with more young
children on a daily basis and inspire their little inquisitive minds
to make a difference in their own communities. It is in these roles
that I am able to make the biggest positive impact on future
generations, one child at a time. In my interactions with the young
people I give examples of what it means to have strong character by
making right choices every day, being respectful, showing courtesy to
everyone you meet, expressing concern for others’ well-being,
keeping commitments, taking care of the environment and making it
better than they found it, to name a few.

This volunteer service did have some challenges along the way. Often
times there were children there that we disruptive and troubled. I
would try my best to distract them from their agenda and get them to
comply with mine. I found some tricks that helped, like giving them
a granola bar or sometimes even a small piece of candy. To my
amazement there were times they were just hungry and that they found
that being disruptive was a way to distract themselves from their
rumbling bellies. Many of the children were from poor, dysfunctional
families and would come dirty. I found that taking them to the
restroom and teaching them the correct way to wash and sanitize their
hands could be a fun experience because we would sing at the same

While these types of volunteer services can very challenging, they are very
important to our community and society as a whole. To me; it means
that one is willing to work to help others in need without
compensation or recognition in order to try to make the community
better, one child at a time!!

Thank you for your consideration of being a possible scholarship recipient.
Volunteering is near and dear to my heart!

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