Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Making A Difference in the Lives of the Future

Name: Hope Kimber
From: Morrisville, New York
Grade: Junior in high school
School: New Life Christian School
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Volunteerism is an incredibly important part in the life of any student in
American society today. Besides being a requirement for graduation,
it teaches students many life lessons like selflessness, dedication,
and hard work. Personally, I have chosen to volunteer in my church. I
participate in the Jubilate Choir, have volunteered in the Sunday
School providing child care, and also done little volunteer projects
on the side within my church.

Volunteering at my church, the First Presbyterian Church of Cazenovia, New York, has entailed everything from musical performances during services, to providing child care, to participating in the Music Director Hiring Committee. I have been a part of countless bell and singing
performances, and also played solos on my violin. Additionally, I
have aided in the Sunday School child care program, learning many
valuable skills. I have volunteered at my church for 1-2 hours a week
in the past few years. The work there has taught me to be dependable,
outgoing, and I have even learned many skills in the art of child
care from my collogues.

My biggest challenge and greatest satisfaction as a volunteer have come
hand in hand. Indeed, providing child care puts a huge responsibility
on my shoulders. I know that I am making an impact on the children,
albeit a small one, and I only desire that it will be a positive one.
I would hate if I was a bad influence on a kid in any way. However,
the joy that the kids bring to my life makes it will worth it.
Indeed, it was definitely my greatest satisfaction as a volunteer at
my church. I have somewhat come to think of the children as “my
kids” in a certain way, and have even been given a few
babysitting opportunities by their parents.

My interests and career goals are not entirely aligned with my
volunteerism. I do desire to have a big family with many kids, and
providing child care has shown me a tiny sliver of what this might
be. Indeed, my ultimate career goal is to be a homemaker. However,
until that time in my life, I desire to be an artist, though in what
form of media I am not entirely sure yet.

To me “forward looking” means making some sort of long lasting
impact that will be felt for years to come. I see my activities as
“forward looking” because I know that I am influencing
young lives that have many years ahead of them. I do not believe that
I will entirely change the world through my actions at my tiny little
rural church. However, I do enjoy fostering the thought that I am
impacting lives that have the potential to change the world one day.
I do hope that if I were to come back to one of the kids in 20-30
years, that I was some sort of influence on their life, and I allow
myself the belief that I am.

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