Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Making Memories Last for my Community

Name: Rachel Johnson
From: New Rochelle, NY
Grade: Senior
School: New Rochelle High School
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Rachel Johnson

Forward Scholarship Essay

Memories Last for my Community

Year round, I volunteer at my church youth group for middle and high
schoolers. At my youth group, called the Tribe, I help out in
multiple creative ways; I designed the logo for the youth group when
it changed names, I helped repaint the youth room, and I painted a
mural with the Tribe logo. The main way I help out is through
photography. Every other meeting, and at any special event, I
photograph the activities to be sent out to the students, and soon to
be used on our youth group website. I wanted to volunteer at my youth
group because it allows me to give back to my community and the
people I love while doing something I love to do and am passionate
about- being creative. Starting the fall, since I am no longer a high
school student, I will also be helping out as an extra hand, doing
anything our youth pastor needs me to do, in addition to the
responsibilities I previously stated. During the school year, I work
an average of 10 hours a month photographing events. With the other
projects I mentioned, I spent about 10 hours creating logos for the
youth pastor to choose from (I created four versions each of three
different logo ideas digitally). I also spent about 30 hours painting
the youth room and the mural.

The biggest challenge I faced as a volunteer was making sure I didn’t
slack on my responsibilities when I got busy. When I became
overwhelmed with school work, I made sure to set aside time to focus
on helping out at the youth group. I love everything about what I am
doing to help my youth group, but the thing I love most is the people
I’m doing it for and how close I have gotten with them. My youth
pastor and youth leaders have become life-long friends of mine and
some of the people I trust and care about most in my life. No matter
how you volunteer or what you are doing, creating relationships with
the people you volunteer with and/or help is the most rewarding part,
and sometimes it can help someone in a way the work you are doing

The most important thing I learned in volunteering at my youth group is
that every person has the power to impact the lives of the people
around them. And helping someone can be as simple as making sure
someone is telling the truth when their reply to “How are you?”
is “Good.”

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