Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Making Service a Way of Life

Name: Sadie Williams
From: St. Anthony, Idaho
Grade: High School Senior
School: South Fremont High School
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Service a Way of Life

Sadie Williams

From sewing little stuffed toys for humanitarian efforts to coaching
community youth soccer teams, service and volunteerism have always
been important aspects of my life. Having been born the second oldest
of six children, the value of service and volunteering has been
ingrained into me from my youth. Over my eighteen years of living, I
have volunteered for many things such as: helping at food drives,
donating blood, helping stuff eggs for my community’s Easter egg
hunt, serving food at a funeral, and picking up garbage around my

Nevertheless, I have recently realized that I want service and volunteerism to be a
more consistent part of my life. Rather than pick up service
opportunities that fall into my lap every once in awhile, I’ve
started a plan that pushes me to seek out opportunities to help on a
weekly basis. The plan includes 5 service hours per week. Each month
I must volunteer with at least one organization, and every year I
must volunteer with at least 3 different organizations. This service
can include, but is not limited to, picking up garbage, going to
visit the elderly, helping out neighbors, and volunteering with
special events. During July 10-16, for example, I helped my neighbor
paint her walls for 3 hours and cleaned someone’s home for 3 hours.
Another part of the plan includes providing simple service daily by
smiling more and lending a listening ear to those around me. The
final portion of the plan includes holding myself responsible for the
hours I did, or did not, serve by recording my hours,
accomplishments, and feelings in my Volunteer/Service Action Plan
Journal. This will ensure that I keep service a top priority.

Serving others is important because it brings joy to all who partake in, and
of, it. One day, while negative emotions were threatening to cast a
gloomy aura over me, a friend asked if I would help her correct a
paper she was writing. That little act of service was just what I
needed to put me in a better mood. I was amazed at the difference I
felt. The relationship of people who serve to the people who get
served is like bees to flowers. As bees collect nectar from flower to
flower, the flowers are pollinated. The result is happy bees who get
nectar to make sweet honey and happy flowers, which are able to
reproduce. Service is the same; the server and the served both are
happier after the service.

Knowing that volunteering and participating in service will benefit both
others and myself, I’m looking forward to my future opportunities
to volunteer and serve in my community and throughout the world.
Whether I’m in my hometown or halfway across the world, my main
goal is to help where I can, when I can. Ultimately, I want to make
service my way of life.

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