Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Missions

Name: Cathryn Moore
From: Houston, TX
Grade: 12
School: Homeschool
Votes: 0


As one of 11 children, nothing really comes easily to me. Even harder to
deal with, though, was the news that I was going to be emancipated.
The news that I was going to be all on my own for tuition, rent,
food, and any other living expense you might think of. I couldn
fathom how I, an 18 year old college student, was supposed to support

My parents have taught me that part of growing up is learning to make
your own decisions, and they have decided that I can and will support
myself right out of high school. The financial constraints that come
with 11 children would be hard to deal with for any parents. So
having me emancipated, as well as leaving me on my own to pay for
college, helps to relieve some of the already insurmountable costs of
feeding and clothing so many children. Even though I understand the
burden on my parents, I have always been somewhat confused by this
philosophy. At the ripe young age of 18, without a steady job for
income, or the degree to obtain such a job, I am expected to
completely and totally take care of myself. I really have no idea how
I can make it through with any time left to myself.

Working hard to get what I need has never been a problem with me. At the ripe
young age of 11, I started doing data entry for my dad
company. Since then, I have been at an administrative position in the
company helping with anything that is needed, and there is never a
shortage of projects. On top of that, I tutor kids from five to
fifteen years old in any core subject, and often help them in other
subjects as well. Summer before my freshman year of college, I worked
in childcare at my church on Sundays, as well as working 15-20 hours
a week a chiropractic facility. My vast experience and enduring
spirit shows that I have the grit to push through even the toughest

Others have always come first in my life, and this has been proven time and
time again through mission trips and volunteering at church. Zambia,
Africa is a country that has made a mark on my life. For two summers,
I have gone to Zambia. The organization has set up a camp, allowing
the kids to have the time of their lives. Many of them eat more than
they had in the past month, get to jump and dance around all the
time, and get to tell me their stories. This camp opens up a door
that grants them access to a school system, which would allow many
kids their only opportunity for an education. I get to hang out with
10 kids for 5 days, and I get to see their lives being changed before
my eyes. This service is the most rewarding one that exists, and if
you so choose, you can alter the course of their lives.

I have always a been a reliable, strong and steady person, so I don’t
doubt that I will make it to the other side one way or another. My
only reservation is how I will make it there.

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