Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Money Is Not the Key. The Job You Do Is Worth More.

Name: Lauren Flores
From: Granada Hills, California
Grade: 12
School: Granada Hills Charter High School
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Is Not the key. The Job You Do is Worth More


of The Youth Forward Scholarship

Enrolled Senior High School Student

My choice of becoming a volunteer was never for the special benefits you
receive nor for the satisfaction of my elders. I chose to become
apart of my community that I’ve grown up in to help better the
environment. The medical field was a way I thought I could connect
with the people in my community. One person at a time whether they
were the patient or a loved one, connecting with just one person was
the beginning of something new. I currently volunteer in a local
hospital in Mission Hills, California. I am a helper in the
maternity/labor & delivery department and in the Step Down Unit.
I work 6 to 7 hours a week, once a week.Throughout my volunteering
experience I have completed over 200 hours and has been nothing but a
learning experience. As a volunteer in these departments I am
responsible for making the department more organized and stocked with
all the supplies it needs. I am able to discharge patients from the
hospital and transport them to different departments. I also help out
with anything the nurses or doctors need whether it is running down
to the labs or getting paperwork from another department. My biggest
challenge as a volunteer in the medical field is trying to get
everything done because at the end of the day the tasks that need to
be completed on a daily basis sometimes do not get completed due to
how busy that day was or the high demand of medical staff needing my
assistance. Although, getting certain tasks done by the end of the
day can be difficult I leave with the satisfaction that I did
complete other tasks that couldn’t have been done without my help.
Furthermore, also getting recognition from nurses, CNA’s, and
doctors is really satisfying because you don’t get left with the
feeling that they are taking advantage of you and you’re not
feeling unappreciated. This experience is something I will take on
for the rest of my life because I’ve learned the struggles of this
field and the way the staff comes together to better the health of
the patient when things go south. I’ve learned to believe that to
become apart of the medical profession you can not do it for the
money you have to do it to help better the health of the people
regardless of if they have money or not.

In the future, I hope to hold a position in the medical field as a
doctor that specializes in Emergency Medicine. I want to be able to
relieve people from their suffering and connect with them in a way
they will never forget. The activities that I do now allows me to
look further into the future then I could have before this job. The
term “forward looking” means to me how you see yourself in the
future with the path you are taking now. In other words, how is what
you are doing today going to benefit yourself in the future? I hope
to change the health care system in the future for the patients
benefit like when it comes to the amount of paperwork a physician has
to complete and takes time away from the patient and help those who
cannot afford certain thins because they lack in having the proper
insurance or none at all. If I were to come back thirty years later I
do think my volunteer experience would make a difference because in
this job I am also able to teach other volunteers about the health
care system and what it takes to run a department efficiently. I
think volunteers would pass that on to the younger generation who
want to become a part of the healthcare community. This is a place
where people of the community come together and it is important to
give them the proper knowledge they deserve to know.

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