Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Musically Taught

Name: Swathikrishna Harikumar
From: Tempe, Arizona
Grade: College Junior
School: Arizona State University
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Musically Taught

Volunteering not only helps the community around someone but it also
helps the soul. The simple act of giving your time to help someone
else in need shows the amount of selflessness needed to sacrifice
one’s own wants to help satisfy someone else’s needs. My
commitment to volunteering started when I was young as a result of my
parent’s hard work. They taught me violin so I could give it back
to my community. Having done much volunteering in school and in
extracurricular activities at food banks and walkathons and
fundraisers, I have learned the power of a community. All of these
circumstances and realization moments lead me to start my own
endeavor of volunteerism, which is teaching children violin. I have
taken it upon myself to teach kids the healing power and beauty of
music. The fact of the matter being, strings programs are often
discontinued in many schools due to lack of interest and I find that
very disheartening. I volunteer 20 hours of my week to teaching
students in schools that do not have a strings program. I have been
doing this since my third year of high school. I teach them all
about the violin, from how to read music, play professionally, and
emote the songs of brilliant composers that showed the world the
beauty of the violin. Seeing my students be inspired to write their
own music has given me the most satisfaction as a volunteer. My
greatest challenges are when my students leave me to focus on school.
I find that music only enhances the understanding of learning school
material, it does not distract. I have learned the art of patience,
through teaching violin to kids. Truly understanding the child and
how they learn best will help you create the most effective way to
teach. The change I hope to foster in the world via my volunteering
is a new and fresh appreciation for string instruments, which have
greatly been forgotten in the noise of band, pop culture and
technology. I hope to also help school programs realizes the
importance of providing a well-rounded education while also giving
exposure to all types of music. I hope to also foster the starting of
world-wide music education movement. I feel like music is not only a
means of outlet and expression but also a way of learning and
understanding the world and oneself in the deepest and most
fulfilling way possible. That is how I see my ideas as “forward
looking”. The ability to progress and move, not only students
forward, but mankind.

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