Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – It’s Never Too Late To Show Some Love

Name: J'Lynne Jordan
From: Columbus, Georgia
Grade: College Freshman
School: Columbus State University
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I joined a Servant Leadership Program last year at my university. This
program has emphasized the importance of giving back to the community
through different volunteering opportunities around our little
community of Columbus, Georgia. I chose to volunteer for both House
of Heroes – a volunteer program that helps build and maintain homes
and spirits of war veterans – and the Gentian Elementary School
Mentor Program. I chose House of Heroes as my primary volunteer
service because I wanted to be able to show my appreciation for their
services and let them know that their honorable service will not be
forgotten. I chose to volunteer at Gentian Elementary School because
I have worked children before in high school, and would have loved to
continue that service. Kids are very honest and have all the room to
grow; I gladly appreciated being a part of their growth process.

I volunteered with House of Heroes about 4-6 hours a week. As a
volunteer, along with a few others in the program, I helped clean
rooms, baked goods, and even painted a fence or two. The biggest
challenge with volunteering was witnessing the state of most of the
homes visited. I did not think it was very fair for the homes of
these war veterans to be so dilapidated, after providing such a great
service to the country they too are a part of. The most satisfying
thing was knowing that through House of Heroes, they still had some
hope in making their lives easier and having people, besides family,
who cared for their wellbeing. Getting to know those who are actually
a part of history has taught me that heroes are real people too, and
we should make sure they are given equal treatment in every aspect.

At Gentian, I was paired with a 6 year old boy named Levi. His teacher
let me take Levi outside or to a small corner and help him with his
alphabet, math, sentences, and spelling. I only mentored for one to
two hours a week, but seeing Levi quickly became the highlight of my
week. The most satisfying thing from volunteering was watching the
way Levi’s face would light up when I would walk into his
classroom. The most challenging thing about working with Levi was
hearing about his familial situation. In a single parent household,
Levi was the baby and did not get much help at home with his take
home work. I have learned from this experience that it is never too
late to give children the emotional support and freedom to grow.

I have learned from both of these volunteer services the importance of
patience, understanding, and smiling through hard times. The people
experience that I am gaining from volunteering will help my future
career in human resources, which is based on person-to-person
contact. If I returned twenty to thirty years from now, I believe
wholeheartedly that my efforts would have changed the lives of those
that I have touched.

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