Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Its Not About You

Name: Isaiah Parkes
From: Washington, DC
Grade: Freshman
School: Howard University
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It’s Not
About You

The area that I have chosen to volunteer in is my church the Greater
Allen Cathedral of NY. Allen is a great place to volunteer because
they always give back to the community. I’ve been a member of this
church since I was young. There are many volunteer opportunities
that I have participated in. Participating in these opportunities
was a great overall experience.

One volunteer opportunity was the feeding of the multitude. I’ve
been doing this many years. My task was to serve food and package it
into containers. I along with the help of others managed to serve
over 1000 families during the thanksgiving season. This was a great
experience because it taught me not to waste food because everybody
doesn’t know where there next meal is coming from. I felt good
after volunteering at this event.

Another volunteer opportunity I was a part of was the annual back to
school event in 2015. I donated a few school supplies and I served
chips and snow cones to the kids and their families. This was a great
experience serving kids in the community and their families. I didn’t
really face any specific challenges while serving during the
volunteer event. Helping others give me the most satisfaction when

In the future I see my activities forward looking more sports
orientated. Forward looking to me means looking into the future. The
change I want to foster with my activities is the area in which I
volunteer. No my volunteer activities aren’t in line with my career
goals. I think my volunteer work would make a difference 20 years
from now.

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