Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – One Save at a Time

Name: Jessica Jolley
From: Fruita, Colorado
Grade: 11
School: Fruita Monument High School
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Save at a Time

By: Jessica Jolley

Most people root for the goal. I however, root for the save. Ever since I was six I’ve
had a burning passion for soccer, more specifically, the position of
the goalkeeper. When I was ten I began to attend training for my
specialized position. I always remember looking up to the older kids.
Just watching them play was an inspiration.

When I was in eighth grade, I began to help my goalkeeper coach train
the younger kids. Every week, for an hour, we’d go through my
favorite drills and I would help critique the kids’ technique and
demonstrate the correct form. It took a while to learn the kids’
names, but after I got all of them down, I now know a vast variety of
the youth in our club. It’s great to see familiar faces when
walking around on a Saturday, watching so many of my little players
make strong, confident saves, protecting their goal with such
fearlessness that I can’t help but feel proud. They see me around
and call out to me to say hi and sometimes they even come watch my
games. I hope that the kids I coach will continue on playing soccer
and that somehow, even in the smallest way, I have taught them
something that they can apply later to their soccer careers. You
never know, maybe one day they’ll be able to pass it forward and
use what I taught them to teach someone else.

Sometimes I find it hard to make time for all my homework and get out
every week with the everyday chaos of life. But, it is simply just
something I love to do. Working with all the kids that look up to me
is reason enough to put a smile on my face. I hope they’ll be just
as good as they think I am. It is said that teaching makes you a
better learner, and I could not agree more. My volunteer work has
made me push my dreams even farther, committing to play college
soccer. When you have the honor to view the sport from every angle,
the coach, the referee, and the player, you have the opportunity to
unlock the secret of the real beauty of soccer, which is truly a
blessing. For community service, I coach young goalkeepers, helping
them exceed their goals, one save at a time.

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