Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – One Story at A Time

Name: Lindsey Robinson
From: Pflugerville, Texas
School: Hendrickson High School
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        For many, a book is simply a book. A sleek cover with articulate binding
lacing together multitudes of crisp pages, sewn with ideas and
stories; retold through combinations of characters. A complex
organism of thought, but still seemingly just a book. And I would be
one to agree with such a statement, if it weren’t for the ecosystem
of opportunity I discovered through these simple elements.         

With a summer empty of schedules, I found myself at the local library with
my eyes locked on a pamphlet asking for young librarian aids. Two
weeks and one training session later, I was officially deemed a
volunteer at the library. Each Sunday I would deliver novels back to
their homes upon the never-ending shelves and aid in keeping
inventory. There was a certain sense of pride accompanying being
entrusted with such a heavy responsibility and chance to help my

        As volunteering became my top priority, my family often questioned the
devotion which developed between the library and I, but nothing could
stop me from returning to my post each week. Occasionally I would
return to my cart, after shelving a stack of novels, only to see a
mountain of books reforming. And, on especially frustrating days, the
occurrence was coupled with a flow of children shattering my
perfectly patterned novels; leading me to question if my work was
even worth the effort.

        In hindsight, these headaches were a blessing and doubled as a lesson I
would come to respect and learn from. It would be difficult to argue
my contribution to the library was anything more than microscopic. My
role was simple and quickly undone. Years from now, nobody will
remember the copy of 
To Kill a Mockingbird, shelved one warm Sunday in August. Yet, to the individual finding
their novel at ease, my time spent shelving the book was priceless.

        For many, a book is simply a book. But to me, a book can be a small force
in a much greater impact. By donating time and effort, no matter how
seemingly insignificant, there is a forward looking effect and a
world of change can be born. One story at a time, I gave back to my

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