Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Opening Minds

Name: Ayman Syed
From: Riverside, California
Grade: College Freshman
School: University of California, Irvine
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Minds – Ayman Syed

Volunteering is an experience that if one were to take on the task, they would no
longer see it as a task after completion. Volunteering has always
been a part of my life because I would always see homeless people on
the side of the streets and wonder, “What can I do to help?”
Personally, I volunteer for the Red Cross as well as a local animal
shelter. I chose these organizations because the Red Cross has an
excellent reputation for helping those in need, and I also happen to
love animals. If I were to recall the number of hours, weeks, or
months spent on various duties in these places, I would be at a loss.
I may have given well around one thousand hours of my time to the Red
Cross. As for the animal shelter, it is around the same. Numbers are
never a big deal for me because every minute spent helping those in
need is a minute well earned. Even though my responsibilities
consisted of mostly menial tasks, I was still able to learn a lot
from those experiences and apply that knowledge to real life jobs.
However, I was a meeting coordinator for the Red Cross at one point
in my volunteering experience which changed my outlook on what a
leader really is. This was the biggest challenge I have ever come
across. How was I supposed to lead when my whole life was filled with
following? There is always one thing you have to remember when
deciding to lead a group of people; There will always be help in case
you need it. With the help of other people, I was able to overcome
this challenge and become a stronger person. The biggest satisfaction
I get when I volunteer with animals is seeing how happy the dogs and
cats look when humans play with them. For the Red Cross, helping
those in a type of disaster has not only given me satisfaction, but
also happiness. The joy one gets from seeing others succeed in their
lives is nothing compared to the joy from simply helping them get
there. When I think about the things I have learned from my
volunteering experience, I do not know where to start. First off, I
have learned how to coordinate and work in a team. Most importantly,
I have learned that there is always someone out there more needy than
you so you should never discourage yourself.

My career goal, which is to become a Cardiologist, aligns with the fact
that I love helping people. The meaning of “forward looking”
simply means to look into the future and be ambitious in my opinion.
By becoming a Cardiologist in my near future, I will be able to do
what I love every day of my life. Just thinking about it makes me
more ambitious for my future. If I were to come back in a decade or
two, it would definitely make a difference whether or not I
volunteer. There will always be people in need because there are
selfish people in the world.

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