Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Peer Tutoring Makes a Difference

Name: Matai Suzanne Forrester
From: Lexington, NC
Grade: 10
School: West Davidson High School
Votes: 92

Tutoring Makes a Difference

Matai Forrester

The main area in which I have chosen to volunteer is peer tutoring. I can
honestly say peer tutoring has changed my perspective on my peers and
life itself. It makes you appreciate the talents that God blessed you
with a little more. I chose to start doing this because I knew my
strong points in academics and I also knew that there were students
in my school that desperately needed help in the area that I was good
at. It wouldn’t seem right for me to just not help them when I had
the resources.

On a minimum I can say I tutored for ten hours a week. Two and a half
hours a day was my average. My biggest responsibility of being a
tutor was probably my attendance. I only missed one day of school my
sophomore year to get my license, but I had my days towards the end
when I just really wanted to go home. Tutoring is what kept me there.
I had an internal need to help my peers.

The biggest challenge of being a tutor is relearning the criteria of
classes you may have already taken. I took math one honors in 8
grade, which was two years ago. The people who I was tutoring were
working on the foundations of math one, so I had to rewind my mind to
th grade and remind myself how to do the stuff that they desperately
needed to know. I got my satisfaction when they understood what I was
teaching them. It exited me to no end when they succeeded because I
knew that we would get through it.

From my experience in tutoring I have learned to have patience. I always
thought that I didn’t have any until I started this. I see tutoring
as my practice for when I become a teacher. I am trying my hardest to
prepare myself to be able to get a message of education across to a
child. The children of today are the future of tomorrow, therefore we
have to teach them every word of wisdom we know along with the common
sense and manners to get through this life successfully.

If I were to come back in some amount of years, I would hope to have
made an impact on children’s education. Big or small — anything
counts. You have to do what you can to make a difference in this

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