Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Pulling off The Skirt

Name: Alexandria McDaniel
From: Bowling Green, Kentucky
Grade: Sophomore
School: Western Kentucky University
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off The Skirt


We all put on our bucket list that we want to save a life somehow. For
me on the other hand, that has been my ultimate dream was saving many
lives as I can. I was once a victim of sexual assault in my life for
six years. I remember the encounter still today where he would make
me play a game of hide-n-seek where he threaten me every single since
I was six years old. I wanted to make sure another woman don’t have
to go through the same thing that I went through. As a sophomore year
in college, I decided to volunteer at the rape center in my town. I
have to say it been a life changing experience. You think its easy
thing to achieve to help rape victims, but the truth it is not easy
as you believe. All they want is a reason why of what happen to them.
You really can’t give them a reason why. I wanted a reason why I
was picked for abuse. I’m still waiting to hear the reason. As a
volunteer, you mostly answer distress calls or go to hospital calls
where a victim is taken to get a report and a rape kit.

I remember the most horrendous case of rape. She was raped by her
father since she was like four years old and he would starve her so
she can stay that “hourglass figure.” She became this woman who
accepted the fact that she was just a victim. One day, she tried
several times on taking her own life because she didn’t see any
other reason why life can be good. She was bullied at school by
getting her head shoved in the toilet or getting thrown around like
nothing. She believed she was nothing and she saw nothing. Until I
convinced her to turn her father in as a sexual offender. She got
removed from that home setting and now she is going to college in the
fall with a boyfriend. It took every single day for me to help her. I
would stay up all night just to make sure she was safe and secure.
She still is very appreciative of what I did for her.

I started a company when I was fourteen called “Shaped Teens.” It’s
where I help more people who are troubled because I had a best friend
who committed suicide on his fifteen birthday where his own parents
found him hanging from the ceiling. Now, he can’t ever blow out
those candles. I can’t ever give him that hug he always asked for.
Since, I was victim of sexual assault my relationships had been a
complete failure of more abuse. Six months ago, my best friend who I
fell in love with tried to rape me. I escaped because of my screaming
that kept me alive. The rape center didn’t just help me save lives,
but it saved mine. It gave me that healing feeling that I have longed
for where I believe that there is good guys out there.

The rape center is life-changing experience because it gave me the place
where I feel like I belong and gave me a reason to live.

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