Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – we only rise by lifting others

Name: karka ibtissam
From: columbia, missouri
Grade: upcoming college student
School: columbia college
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I was 6 years old , I attended a school that was cooperated an
organization for children with disabilities, so it was easy for me to
take part in all the activities ; at first it was all about
entertaining the kids and playing with them , but with time I started
taking more responsibilities and understanding their pain so I
tried to help them adjust in their environment and have confidence
to go on in this life with no sense of inferiority as a counselor ,
and during this period I was with them all the time but due to
unavoidable reasons I only see them 21 hours a week and I had
benefited from learning the first aid and the techniques of helping
those in need ; since then I harbored the dream of being a doctor ,
my dream on another hand wasn’t shaped by ideals but from my
living experience and strong faith that everyone can make a
difference even with little deeds such as volunteering and helping
in everyday life and being able to communicate with people
peacefully ,thus things that looks too tiny but with a deep meaning
are my desire and ambition ; my family always says that when I’m
dealing with those people in the association I totally consort with
them ; that’s the only way I have to share their happiness and feel
their sorrows ,and till this moment I can Say that the happiest
moment in my life is the group hug with the

and them calling me little sun “ chmisa “,that’s as far the
most priceless memory I have , I had also some personal reasons
related to the disease of one of my family members and tragic death
after suffering from disabilities so helping anyone seems like the
wish she could’ve had ;so besides that I volunteered for the red
crescent in my city but it wasn’t official because I’m underage
, even with that I got to do the assisting part and gain the
experience of communicating with real patients and hear the stories
of many people in this field , it was really nice , and last year I
was planning to offer my services in the smile operation foundation ,
but I couldn’t owing to my busy year with so much to plan ahead it
wasn’t easy for me to keep the track however even with that , I
drop by the association to visit my friends and ask about their
news so they won’t feel forgotten ; believing in that we only rise
to the top by lifting others from the bottom , and that’s the way I
live my life according to my believes and try spread them to change
the world ; maybe not mine but someone else’s world .

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