Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – My Short yet powerful Story

Name: carlos del angel
From: longview, Washington
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My Short yet Powerful Story

By: Carlos Del
Angel Evans

My name is Carlos Del Angel, I am from a small town in Washington,
Longview to be exact. But thing for me were never as good as they are
for me now I was born in San Diego, California. I was raised by my
aunt, my grandfather, and sometimes my father. I always wondered
where my mother was but never got an answer. I grew up being
physically, mentally and sexually abused by my aunt and that made it
hard for me to live. But thankfully somehow my mom found out what was
going on and found out that i was sent to a children’s center and
flew down from her home in Washington to fight for me in court, and
she got me back. Ever since I have lived here in Longview and always
wanted to find a way to give back to my community.

I have been volunteering at this place called The Fraternal Order of
Eagles. (F.O.E). this organization has been around since February 6,
1898. Their mission was to be a non-profit organization whose purpose
is to make money for different charities such as The Art Earlham
Cancer Foundation, Jimmy Durante
Children’s Fund /Child Abuse/Children’s Aids, Robert Hansen Diabetes
Fund and Disaster Relief Fund are some of the many different
charities they raise money for. I, myself have been volunteering
there for 8 years now as of 2016 not as a member but just as a
volunteer. A week I volunteer there 5 to 6 hours. Since my grandma is
a member of this organization, I as a young kid have been going with
her to help and now I am well known in the building and a part of
their family. A week for me is Mondays I help my grandma as she cooks
burgers. I will also help set up the dance floor for a lunch in that
they have every Tuesday. Tuesdays I typically am there helping out
with their bingo night. Every week the charity the money goes to is
changed. I also help with the kids events. That is the best part for
me, being able to help and make a kids time there as fun as it is
magical. My biggest challenge as a volunteer is the fact that I can’t
make everything I say I want to do and sign up for due to school I
can’t be there as much as I want. The biggest satisfaction as a
volunteer is the fact that I get to help my community that I live in.
Without the people in my community i would be lost, more lost than
ever and now all I want to do is give back to my community. I
remember when I was one of those kids that was part of those events
that was held there and I want to give other kids the same experience
I had. Some things that I have learned from doing this for 8 years
now is that there are less fortunate people in my local community and
I am willing to give my time and effort to make their lives that much

I plan on going to Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. I
plan on to continue volunteering on my spare time, while also taking
all my college courses. I recently learned about the Golden Circle
which gave me pointers of leadership and how to be a good leader in
my community. There are actually three things that are important to
know for me to become good leader and a better volunteer. They are
Why, When, How. It means to be a good leader you have to know the
Why. Why are you doing what you are doing? The next is how. How do
you plan on doing what you are going to do? Finally there is what.
What are you doing about your cause? Something else I learned is that
some businesses work the opposite way they start at the what and then
go to the why, and I plan to take that knowledge into my future and I
know it will take me and the world to new heights. If I were to come
back to Longview and return I believe that the volunteering and the
help of not only me but the whole community would have made a bigger
difference than could ever be imagined.

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