Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Spreading Positivity

Name: Jewel
From: Petersburg, Virginia
Grade: Undergraduate Freshman
School: Virginia State University
Votes: 0

Jewel Pile


I chose to help the homeless in many situations, such as finding
clothing, organizing pantries, raising money for my local shelter,
etc. I volunteered approximately six hours a week and every other
week in each month. As a volunteer it is important to be genuine, you
must genuinely want to withhold these responsibilities.
Responsibilities such as waking up early and being on time to an
event that you are helping with, staying after school to prepare for
an event you may or may not be participating in, or even assisting
elders, younger, homeless, or disabled individuals with care. These
responsibilities may come with challenges but as a volunteer you must
learn how to face them. One of my biggest challenges were standing in
the cold to cheer on contestants of a 5k. The 5k money went towards a
local homeless shelter, ACTS. Although it was extremely cold, I
fought through it and continued to cheer people on. Cheering the
contestants on put smiles on their faces. The smiles and happiness of
the people who I help give me the most satisfaction. Helping people
is always a comforting gift. This feeling of satisfaction helped me
learn that doing something for someone should not have a price, it
should be done from the bottom of your heart.

My career goals are to be in the medical field apart of the United
States Army. In the medical field we help people feel better,
physically and mentally. Although this is forward looking, it is
still my ultimate goal and I will do everything to reach it. Forward
looking is having one life goal and doing everything in your power to
pursue it. Forward looking is always being positive about situations
because you know if you put positive in you will get positive out.
The positivity will have the power to change the world and the people
around you. My volunteer activities distribute positivity to everyone
I meet, which is needed in society today. The world is being flooded
by numerous negative actions and opinions and more volunteer work can
help people change for the better throughout ten or even thirty plus
year. With thin those ten to thirty years that pass I’ll be able to
go back and talk to the people who I volunteered with and discuss how
our volunteer activities made a difference. Although we could not
help the whole world, the few people we helped definitely made a
difference because of the effect we left on those individuals, those
people also had the initiative to go out and assist someone else in

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