Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Volenteerism

Name: Tristen Castle Robertson
From: Edmond , Oklahoma
Grade: college freshman
School: Edmond North High School
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C. Robertson


the use or involvement of volunteer labor,
especially in community services.
There is a saying in the movie “Kingdom of Heaven” that has stuck
with me over the years, “What man is a man who does not make the
world better?” It has made me think, and has encouraged me to act.
I served with the AFJROTC in high school by volunteering for the many
food drives they held for the city of Edmond, and local churches.
During high school and after, I served and continue to
serve/volunteer with the Civil Air Patrol. We constantly do programs
like raising money for the hope center, we also do food drives, raise
drug awareness, we honor our fallen service members, and so much
more. Personally however, I take the opportunity to volunteer in
unofficial ways as well. As much as I can, I give money to those who
are short, give rides to those who are in need, and offer assistance
where it is needed, it is something that, in my mind, a man SHOULD
do. “What man is a man who does not make the world better?”
There have been several times that I have pulled to the side of the
road to fix a broken down car, or buy a part for said car. I
officially spend at minimum three hours a week on volunteer work, but
have spent days serving my community in the past. As a volunteer, my
responsibilities are exactly that…to volunteer, to make myself as
useful to a cause or task or need as possible. As a volunteer, I am a
extra hand to lift a burden and spare mind to help solve a problem.
More often than not, the biggest challenge I face when I volunteer is
not fully understanding the need for a
volunteer in the field I am in. For example, many people volunteer to
donate food to the hope center and collect it. But few donate actual
food like soup or non-perishable foods instead of ingredients for
some unknown recipe, and when it come time to move the several
hundred pounds of food, many suddenly disappear. When I volunteer, my
satisfaction comes from feeling useful and seeing some good come from
my efforts. I have learned to take care of the life I have and be
ever-present of the world around me among other things. A good man is
always in short supply. When it is asked “What change do you seek
to foster in the world” I consider the world to be not only the
community around me, but the individuals within it. I simply wish to
improve the situation in the community, and the lives of those in it.
I think the work that I do is timeless, in that if I had done it in
the 1920’s, 1960’s, 1980’s or early 2000’s it would have
still been a valued service just as much as it is today. Always
strive to improve the world.

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