Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Volunteer, change the world

Name: aarish raza
From: Chinle , AZ
Grade: 11
School: Chinle High School
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I have always enjoyed volunteering no matter where or how I
volunteered. I love to see the smiles that people have when someone
helps them. It helps soften my heart and realize that more than just
me matters. I am currently volunteering as a Nursing Student in an
Indian Health Services in Chinle, Arizona which is located in the
Navajo Reservation. Although I am not a Native American, growing up
in the reservation has opened my eyes to another world, in which life
isn’t as easy as many would think it would be in America.

I pursued becoming a volunteer Nursing Student because I wanted to help people
in any way that I can. I usually help with making beds, cleaning
equipment and sometimes even talk with that patients. Other times I
shadow my Registered Nurse and learn the many skills and jobs that
she does. I try to volunteer 8 hours a week and enjoy every second
I’m there, albeit sometimes it gets slow. Laziness and fear are two
major challenges that I face daily. Sometimes, when it’s slow in
the hospital, laziness takes over and I don’t do anything. Other
times the fear of getting out of my comfort zone and following my
nurse around takes hold of me. But the reward of overcoming these
obstacles are amazing. Seeing patients smile and laugh is
heartwarming. When patients get discharged and are about to go home,
I feel overjoyed and grateful for the opportunity to help the
patients recover.

Volunteering has taught me never to overlook anything I do, no matter how minimal it
seems because in the end it makes a difference in the life of
someone. Volunteering itself is forward looking, meaning that
volunteering helps us progress as a society. I want to apply the
knowledge and skills that I gain from volunteering in a hospital in
my future education in Nursing and in medicine. I want to be able to
help less fortunate people throughout the world that have reduced or
no access to health care. I also hope to inspire others to seek the
path of medicine and to help them develop a sincere love for humanity
through volunteering and experiencing what I experience. Helping the
world progress through volunteerism and medicine is my goal. Change
starts with an individual and has the capability of impacting the
whole world.

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