Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Volunteer Essay

Name: Maegan Danielle James
From: Houston, TX
Grade: Junior
School: La Porte High School
Votes: 0


The last several times I did volunteer work was mostly at my school. I
would work at the concession stand for football games and Varsity
track meets. I am a part of the track team at my school and the cross
country team, so it was only second nature to help out in the
concession stand. From freshman year to now I have helped out in the
concession stand, so one could say that I’m a professional at
knowing the ropes of how to handle a concession stand.

I would probably work a total of six hours a week with track meets
which is a total of twenty-four hours a month, and two hundred and
sixteen hours a year. Working in the concession stand has many job
roles that come with it. There’s the nacho and hotdog maker and
server, there’s the cashier, the second cashier that gets the
candy, and just recently we added in a snow cone maker. There are at
least two to four people working the snow cone machine. The nacho and
hotdog makers either make frito pies, chili cheese nachos, cheese
nachos, chili dogs, and burgers with pulled pork. These people are
always in the back unless they have to use the restroom or if they
get hungry and decide to eat one of those items their self. The two
cashiers are responsible for asking the customer what they would like
to eat, and then getting those items for the customer. The snow cone
makers have the duty of cranking the handle to get the ice out of the
machine and then dressing the ice in the cup with the complimentary
flavored syrup that the customer would choose. I was always in charge
of the nachos.

My biggest challenge was probably swallowing my pride to take orders
from a freshman at the time. I was a junior at the time. Taking
orders from somebody that was beneath you on the high school totem
pole was a very humbling experience for me because in my mind since I
was older I should have been the one in charge, but one doesn’t
always get what one wants.

The most satisfying part of working the concession stand would be being
able to be with my team mates without having to do a work out right
then and there. Seeing my friends outside of practice and helping my
coach when she needs it most is probably the most satisfying part of
it all.

Lastly I have learned that any project or job can be fulfilled completely if
there are more hands then just two or four. A person would need a
whole team of people to concur their biggest projects. I was just
lucky enough to have volunteered with friends and not strangers.

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