Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Volunteer Work

Name: Roaniqua Samuel
From: Clinton , Maryland
Grade: 2013-2017
School: Surrattsville High School
Votes: 0

The area I choose to volunteer is the Food Bank, because I feel that it
is good to give back to the community and helping others that need
help. It’s a once a month volunteer work. My responsibilities are
on Thursday to unpack boxes of canned goods and count them and make
sure to have the exact number need for that specific month. On Friday
bag all the canned goods into brown paper bags and then on Saturday I
carry the bags along with others helping me carry the bags to the
customer’s car. We also have people who are in the kitchen cook
breakfast for everybody doesn’t matter if you are a volunteer or
customer everybody is welcome to come and get some food. My biggest
challenge would be counting the canned goods especially when people
are adding and others are counting around you and you have to make
sure you remember your number and where you left off. Helping others
and making sure they get food for themselves or kids are my most
satisfaction as a volunteer. I have learned that not everybody can
afford things that they want to feed their kids or themselves and I
love to see the smiles on people faces when I give back to them.

Forward looking means to seeking great success in the near future. The
changes I would seek to foster in the world are world hunger,
homeless people, and more jobs. I think my volunteer would make a
difference because I would get more people involved and then turn it
into a big gathering where the customers can come and get their
canned goods, children can play on the playgrounds, and have a good
time with people who wants to help and support others. I would also
allow the business to keep on being successful until I find someone
who I believe is mature enough and ready to take on this

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