Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Volunteering

Name: Lloyd Quinn Young
From: Louisville, Kentucky
Grade: 11th
School: Brown School & JCTC
Votes: 0


When you are in a position to help others, it is a wonderful thing to help those who
need compassion. Choosing to volunteer is one of the most respectable
things to do with your time. It is trying to better the community or
to make others’ lives easier. I have done quite a few of things
with people to help volunteer for the community. I don’t have a
constant commitment but when I get a chance, I do volunteer. I enjoy
volunteering because it is so rewarding, especially when you can see
how happy I make the people I am helping.

One of the first times I have volunteered, I was with my grandfather. He has always
been the type of person who would help people as he can. He and my
grandmother would go deliver meals on wheels to people who can’t
get their own food. I went with him a few times and I will never
forget how grateful everyone is because they were elderly people who
couldn’t really take care of themselves. Kenny was one of the guys
we helped and I loved going to see him. He was a really old man who
was severely disabled, but he was very sweet and kind. Meeting him
was one of the most memorable things from volunteering.

That was me starting to volunteer and I didn’t have a grasp on what I was
doing. I was a kid who was having fun talking to and helping older
people. When I was in middle school, one of our teachers had us
complete mandatory community service. I started to volunteer again,
but I choose to do it with the Humane Society. Since I was a younger
child, I couldn’t walk the dogs without a chaperone. That made me
spend more time with the puppies and the cats. It was fun playing
with them and taking them out of their crates. The hardest part about
volunteering there is the moment you would walk into the room with
all of the dogs and puppies, they would get loud and excited and it
was sad that I couldn’t take them home because they were thrilled
to play.

More recently I had helped with an organization that would make water
filters together to send to third-world countries. It was great to
see all of the types of people that the filters would help. All of
the kids that would have clean water. It was the most eye opening
experience that I have had to the importance of volunteering. It
taught me that there are people in this world who are not as
fortunate as I am. To think there are people who can’t get what
they need to survive is a sad thought. That’s why there are people
who volunteer. They make the world go round. They take care of those
they have no obligation to. They embody selflessness, a
characteristic that is somewhat lost in today’s world but is not

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