Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Volunteering Experience

Name: Donald Oleson McNeill Jr.
From: Suitland, Maryland
Grade: 12th
School: Suitland High School
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Now-a-days people believe that young people do not know or value hard work. You
always hear young people complaining about having to lift things or
help out mainly because some young people are lazy. Volunteering has
always been something that I have loved doing. Especially if the
volunteering is for those who are less fortunate. I did the majority
of my volunteering at The New Mount Nebo Baptist Church for

While volunteering at the New Mount Nebo Baptist Church, I had to help
bring in cases of turkeys and boxes of canned goods, stuffing, and
bread. These turkeys and boxes of canned goods came from another
organization that supports our giveaway. I helped take the canned
goods, stuffing and bread out the box and placed them into bags. My
fellow volunteers and I made an assembly line of passing down the
goods to allow the process to go by quicker. This showed me how team
work can get a task done quicker and more efficiently. I did this
volunteer work for three years on every November. I did it two days a
week for a total of 7 hours.

The next day was the actual giveaway. I helped carry out turkeys and
Thanksgiving baskets to families and organizations. My biggest
problem while volunteering was everybody not being on the same page
at some points. Instead of doing their part some people would play
around and slack off and I didn’t like it because it would mess up
the organization of the entire process. My main duty was carrying
cases of turkeys and Thanksgiving baskets to people’s cars for
them. Although I was often tired, volunteering was always worth it.
The most satisfaction from my experience was seeing the smiles on the
faces of those I gave the Thanksgiving baskets to. It made me feel
good knowing that I helped make a difference in someone’s life and
could make them smile.

These activities make me want to help out further more in the future. I can
see myself helping give back to those in need. I seek to foster
change for those who are less fortunate. I plan to promote giveaways
during the holidays especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas. In
twenty years, I see my volunteering making a huge difference. It will
help give people hope and let people know that someone out there
cares about them. I see my volunteering rubbing on others and they
will do the same thing to help someone else.

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