Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Volunteering Impacted My Life, Too

Name: McKenna Morrow
From: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Grade: 12
School: Ashwaubenon High School
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Impacted My Life, Too

Throughout the past four years of my high school career, I have volunteered my service to
many different organizations in my community where I have accumulated
148.5 hours, leading me to be recognized as Student of the Month by
The Rotary Club. When I think about my previous volunteer
experiences, the most rewarding experience was volunteering for our
communities softball program. This program is called the Ashwaubenon
Girls Softball Association (AGSA). While volunteering for AGSA, my
responsibilities included helping younger girls learn softball
fundamentals, work concession stands during games, scoreboard games
and most importantly, support and cheer for each girl.

Volunteering for AGSA has been my most rewarding experience because it has allowed me
to give back to the program that has done a great amount to shape who
I am today. Because I have grown up playing AGSA softball, I know
that this program is not only about giving girls around the community
the opportunity to learn and play softball; AGSA also teaches girls
important skills such as communication, team work, leadership,
sportsmanship, perseverance and respect. Helping to teach each girl
these skills is the most satisfactory element of volunteering for
AGSA, along with making friendships and seeing the joy in each girls
face when they play softball. However, teaching girls how to play
softball does not come without its challenges.

As a volunteer, it’s our job to keep the girls interested and
excited about learning how to play softball. The most challenging
part about our job is when a girl gives up on trying to learn
softball. Once a girl makes up her mind about not wanting to play
softball, it becomes very difficult to change her mind; however, with
enough support and reassurance from volunteers like me (girls who
play softball in high school), we can hopefully change her mind. By
helping these girls with working through their challenges and
cheering with them during their success, I discovered my passion for
working with people. As I venture off to college and begin to look at
different career choices, I now know that I need to work in a field
where I will be able to make strong relationships while still helping
the people in need. The career choice that I feel most fits this
criteria is to become an Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB/GYN).

When I get older, I plan to continue to volunteer for the community. I find that I get
the most satisfaction out of volunteering for acts of service that I
am most passionate in; therefor, I am able to say that I will
volunteer for organizations that coincide with the career field that
I will work in. If my plan to become an OB/GYN succeeds, my volunteer
work will consist of trying to raise awareness of rare birth defects,
STD’s and offering my service to clinics where I would work for no
charge for those who can not afford insurance.

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