Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Volunteering to Save Our Future Generations

Name: Amanda Jo Belin
From: Isle, Minnesota
Grade: High School Senior
School: Isle High School
Votes: 3


Forward Scholarship

to Save Our Future Generations

Most of my volunteer work has been centered around my community and
children. I enjoy working in the community because I can see the
effect that my work has and I like the feeling of giving back to my
community. Working with children gives me great joy, however, and I
love positively influencing the lives of future generations. I have
volunteered in the area of homelessness through collecting food and
winter clothing for the homeless shelter.

I have been a part of the National Honor Society these last two years
and this has given me a larger range of volunteer activities to
participate in. I have volunteered in my church’s nursery for the
last four years and was initiated into the Central Lakes College Phi
Theta Kappa last semester. I have also been involved in activities
through my employers, the Mille Lacs Health System. Going into the
nursing program this fall I will begin volunteering more in the
healthcare setting which is my true passion. I volunteer several
hours every month on average, and my biggest challenge as a volunteer
has been balancing my full-time college workload, 3.98 GPA, position
on the Senior Care Geri-Psych Unit, spending time with my friends and
family and finding time to volunteer, but I still manage to do all of

Through volunteering, feeling that I am bettering our world and creating a
better one for future generations has given me the most satisfaction.
My heart swells whenever I feel I have made a difference in our world
and have made someone else’s life just a little easier or shine
just a little brighter. Through volunteering I have learned it’s
not hard to take a few hours from your life to do a little work for
someone else, and that the feelings that come afterwards greatly
make-up for anything else you could have done with your time.

My dream is to graduate in two years as a Registered Nurse. I will
obtain my Bachelor’s degree online and will later earn a Master’s
degree. I see my career goals and volunteer focus aligned as both
involve helping people and the community, which I feel I need to be
doing with my life. Forward looking means thinking about what will be
best for future generations. My volunteer activities are forward
looking because they create a better world, particularly for our
youngest generations. I help them to have a better upbringing and I
work for them have a better world to live in. I strive for a
healthier world for our future generations to live in than the world
we have.

If I was to return in a few decades, I believe that my activities would
have made a lasting impression because of the people I have
introduced to volunteer work. These people are now involved in
volunteering on their own, creating a chain reaction that is
encouraging people worldwide to volunteer and create a better world
for everyone living in it, now and in the future.

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