Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Volunteerism

Name: Brittany Dominics
From: Richmond, Texas
Grade: 11
School: George Bush High School
Votes: 0


Volunteering is very important to me, because it’s a factor that contributes to
my congeniality toward society. I’ve been volunteering for a very
long time now, and I am committed to several clubs that primarily
focus on helping the community.
I volunteer in areas such as homelessness and youth programs. I’m open to volunteer in any areas, but I chose these because these are more available to me. I
try to volunteer at least every week, but I get in about 5-10 hours a
month. It all depends on my availability, because during school I’m
very busy, but I always manage my time well.
Some of the key responsibilities as a volunteer is to have great character, be
respectful towards others, make sure you are performing your job well, and also show qualities of hospitality. One of my biggest challenges as a volunteer is dealing with heavy objects. I remember when I volunteered for Books Between Kids, and sometimes it’s difficult to carry the boxes of books, but of course it’s not a
hard task.
The most satisfaction for being a volunteer is the
feeling of generosity and knowing that you’ve done something very
useful for others. I love helping people, because it makes me feel
good inside. Why not take a little time out of your day to bring a
smile to someone else’s face?
From being a volunteer, I’ve learned that the simplest task can help others. It’s not hard to help the community and help those in need. There are many volunteer
programs/opportunities that could use anybody’s help. I’ve
learned that you don’t have to be the most skilled person, or the
best at this or that, all they need is your time.
The volunteer programs that I go to are in alignment with my career goals, because
it contributes to my satisfaction of helping others. I want to be a
pharmacist or any doctor that God guides me to, and of course a
doctor’s main focus is to help others, and this correlates with my
volunteer focus, because when I volunteer I accomplish the duty of
helping others.
I see my activities as forward looking, because I know the more you help, the greater the progression, and progression leads to a greater community. To me, forward looking means positive development for the future.
By doing these volunteer activities, the change I seek for the world is to develop a
larger involvement of the community to helping those in need. Also I
am seeking to heal the world by helping those in need.
If I were to come back several years from now, I know that my volunteering
activities would have made a positive difference, because I know that
with hard work there’s always a positive result. With God’s grace
I know that the activities that I give my time to will prosper and
benefit the world.

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