Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Volunteerism

Name: Christopher Benjamin
From: Clearwater, Florida
Grade: 2nd Year
School: Saint Petersburg College
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Volunteering is very important to me I always wished I started at a younger age. I
have had many volunteer hours for different organizations. I decided
to volunteer because it as a good thing, it provided job skills, a
good reference and a potential job with an organization. But the
biggest thing it helps organizations be able to help people.

I have volunteered at a college admissions and records department, in
the public school system, at a church and social service agency and
as a financial coach to assist low to moderate income people stay on
track with their financial goals. I have volunteered almost 1,000
hours over my lifetime. It has been unique and rewarding at the same

My responsibilities at my latest volunteer position was to assist with
opening and distributing mail, shredding documents and making sure
scanned documents are completed within the computer program. My
biggest challenge at being a volunteer is the lengthy process that it
takes at trying to become a volunteer depending on the organization.
Knowing that I am helping people has given me the biggest
satisfaction as volunteer and making a difference in my community.

I learned that people do care about your service, are willingly to
train you and also want you to succeed in life. My volunteerism I is
within alignment of my career goals of wanting to enter into public
service. I feel my recent and future volunteer experiences will
assist me in getting the employment I am seeking. I promote friends,
family, strangers to volunteer and explain the importance of it and
it is always needed.

I feel volunteerism can help organizations get a lot done. So many are
under staffed and are unable to afford staff. I love volunteering. I
would like to thank your organization for offering this scholarship.
I have won several awards for my volunteer efforts.

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