Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Volunteerism

Name: Damion C Rodriguez
From: Houston, TX
Grade: 11
School: Scarborough High School
Votes: 0



to Volunteerism

I have been volunteering for activities and events ever since I was old
enough to do so. Volunteering is fun for me in a way where I can see
events and watch participants participate while helping them be
active in their activity. I don’t NEED money when I do these things
because I feel like I should be paying these people to watch them do
the things they do. Instead I get to see it for free.

For example, my mom and I volunteered for the SWAC Football Championship
as a band wrangler. All we had to do was escort the band to their
seats and whenever they played we got out of our seats and made sure
that people will stay on the opposite side of the stairs so that they
won’t interfere with the band members. It was a simple job and we
were able to watch the game for free while the fans had to pay to

Many people see you as a great person when you’re taking time out to
volunteer with things and that’s what I want to be seen as by
everyone: a great person. An easy way to increase your chances of
things are to get on the voters’ or the employers’ good side.
Having a good reputation will build your chances of you getting the
job or whatever the case may be.

My mom and I are always volunteering for things and we always get
benefits from it because the people are so generous and grateful for
us helping them out. For example, when we volunteered for the Badges
and Bases, (a run sponsored by the Houston Astros for firefighters),
they gave use two free Astros tickets per volunteer.

Also, for my school we have to get 100 community service hours to graduate,
and before the end of my sophomore year, I was just over 100
community service hours. I help out and do a lot of extracurricular
activities at my school to do extra work and keep me busy, this is
why I have so many hours. Now, going into my senior year I am around
the 200 hour area for my community service. These hours are just the
ones that I calculate and document with the school, there are so many
more things that I do out of school to benefit my community.

In conclusion, my commitment for volunteerism, in my opinion exceeds
expectations in more ways than one. I believe that because I play
three sports on top of all of the volunteering that I participate in
with my mother and sometimes even other family members. Volunteering
is something that I also plan to continue to do throughout my entire

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