Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Volunteerism In The Help of Others

Name: Janetta Edwards
From: Pepper Pike, OHIO (OH)
Grade: 11th
School: Orange High School
Votes: 1

Janetta Edwards

High School Senior

In The Help of Others

Volunteering and helping others has always been my passion in life. I look forward
to helping other young people to become active and build lifelong
commitments to healthy eating and exercise. Since 2013, I’ve
volunteered at National Youth Sports Program at Case Western Reserve
University for forty hours a week. The National Youth Sports Program
aka NYSP allows our youth to have an opportunity to learn the
fundamentals in a variety of sports from soccer, softball, golf,
dance, swimming, track and more while having fun. As a volunteer
teacher, I taught different age groups from 9-18 years of age the
basics of Volleyball and Track and Field.

Learning how to teach and instruct a variety of children helped me to develop strong
leadership qualities and understand the many ways people learn and
process information. As a result of this experience, I have grown in
a number of ways primarily in my leadership abilities and confidence.
Working with a large group of children, approximately thirty, it
takes time, patience, and love.

After experiencing the role of teaching, I have gained even more respect and admiration
for those who have dedicated their life to a career in teaching. I
learned that it is not easy reaching and persuading others but if you
master the ability to get people to listen you might also get them to
try new things and be open to new experiences and experience
personally growth.

I have made an impact on most of the children I’ve worked with and it gives me a
feeling of accomplishment. There’s a lot of youth who need
attention, direction and kindness. We can change a life by giving
and believing in someone who might have obstacles to overcome. We
can help them find a way to be all they can be and to never give up.
The following year I saw most of the children return with enthusiasm
and a desire to learn even more. I am very dedicated to the program
and will continue to do anything throughout my life to make a

I continue to receive messages and pictures from the children saying how much they
missed our class and would like me to return next year just as I’ve
said to teachers and a number of people who’ve helped me along the
way. As a high school senior this year, my free time is limited due
to the responsibilities of graduation, maintaining a high GPA and
selecting a career and college. I still volunteer when time allows
because it feels great helping someone make their dreams happen.

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