Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Volunteerism- Youth Forward Scholarship

Name: Allyson Meisner
From: Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Grade: Freshman- Just graduated 9th grade
School: Rock Canyon High School
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Forward Scholarship



A volunteer is someone who freely offers to undertake tasks. “Forward
looking” for me, means imagining the future. When I entered my
first year, I knew I wanted volunteerism to have a big role in my
high school journey.

In Elementary and Middle school, I worked at my Taekwondo studio. My
instructor asked me to start teaching when I was 9. Evan is student
who has several disabilities. His mother approached me one class with
a letter. I had a huge impact on his life, which I hadn’t realized
until after reading. Since then, I never stopped volunteering. I have
over 600 volunteer hours there. I volunteered for 5 years and worked
one. Now I get paid, even if I didn’t, I would still volunteer due
to the impact I have on these kids.

I gained an interest in medicine when entering High School. Feeling
like I could give back more, I did research and spotted the Junior
Volunteer Program at Skyridge Medical Center. It wasn’t easy to
begin, given the multiple requirements, but I knew I was going to
commit every week. Starting off in the Ronald Mcdonald Room, was 3
hours per week. There was a 5 year old girl who came into the ER, as
you can imagine, her mother was overwhelmed. She came in expecting to
do her daughter’s laundry, she cried and hugged me, when she saw
that it was already done. I learned doing something so small like
folding clothes, can make a big difference in someone’s life. In
result of my five minute act, she even donated to another charity on
display. Later, I moved to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which
I’m currently at. This is a 4 hour, weekly commitment. Seeing
smiles on parents faces never get old when they’re told their child
can go home. My job is assisting nurses and surgeons, helping out
with their job. Some tasks are: stocking linens and supplies such as
gloves and gowns, answering phone calls, and managing security. I
have more units that I’m blessed to explore as well. Such as Labor
and Delivery, Pediatric Emergency, and Mom and baby. Having 3 years
left in high school, I am happy to expand my knowledge in medicine
before college. I have 221 hours so far just from freshman year. If I
were to come back to Sky Ridge after High School, I’m confident to
say that I believe my volunteering has made a difference.

Volunteering has been my life since age 9. I will never get tired of giving back
to the community. I may not want to do every single shift, but that’s
the point of dedication and commitment. Four hours weekly for the
next three years may seem like a lot, but it’s worth it when seeing
someone who is enduring something hard, end up being less challenging
with my help. I don’t consider volunteering a chore, or “extra
work”, I consider it a chance to escape my world and step into
someone else’s.

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