Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Wacky Wednesday

Name: Kelsie Daniels
From: Huntsville, AL
Grade: 12
School: Sparkman High School
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Kelsie Daniels

Wacky Wednesday

My love for volunteering began with my church youth group. We believe
summer is a time for serving others, so every Wednesday we go out to
into the community and volunteer with many different organizations.
While visiting various places I realized that my passion lies with
helping children because they are completely dependent on others for

Manna House is an organization that provides groceries to people in need.
Families come through an assembly line, and we fill their boxes with
food. The kids get to so excited to choose the different items and
interact with us. The smile son their faces are priceless. They do
not realize the reason they are there and just want to have fun. Kids
have not had a chance to see the real world and how harsh it can be.

On a mission trip I went on this summer to Jacksonville, Florida, I went
to park in the run down and bad part of the town to play with the
kids. My youth group and I volunteered our time to give these kids
attention. The kids that came out were amazing because they did not
have an Xbox or PS4 at home to play with; they just wanted our
attention. The Clara White Mission really touched my heart in
Jacksonville also. It is a place where the homeless come for food,
but the volunteers go through the line and hand the food to them at
their seat. Seeing them bring in backpacks and realizing that is
everything they own in one little bag, and hearing how thankful they
are for just one meal made me want to help them in any way I could.
If I can only do one small thing, it will still affect them.

I am also a member of National Honor Society at my school that gives me
more opportunities to volunteer in my community. We go to the House
of Harvest where we hand out food in the mornings from eight to ten
on any Saturday or Sunday we can.

I strongly believe my actions are seen in the community and will be
shown in years after I leave. As a senior at my church, we are the
ones who get the younger kids to come volunteer and set examples for
them. By doing this, I hope the younger kids love these Wacky
Wednesdays as much as I do, and they drive them to love volunteering
and helping their community.

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