Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – The Wonders of Medicine

Name: Ananta Sriram
From: Novi, MI
Grade: 10
School: International Academy High School
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The world surrounded by us is full of anomalies: malaria, cancer,
syndromes, and other hazardous diseases. In an imperfect society, we
need the doctor’s help to face and overcome such abnormalities. The
doctors are our role models, and we have a long-term goal of becoming
like them some day.

I always had the yearning interest to become a doctor and help mankind.
Through service, a doctor instills hope in his/her patients during
life-threatening situations that the patients can face any challenge
in life at a physical and emotional level. By treating them, the
doctor attains the greatest reward of the enrichment and new meaning
through their service.

With the goal of becoming a doctor in mind, each and every week, I
volunteer at Beaumont Hospital in the Central Services Department.
During my volunteer experience of more than fifty hours in a year, I
separate the medical instruments into their specific piles within the
department. I also take the supplies to the operating room for
surgeries. In addition, I sterilize case carts, which hold surgical
tools, so that they can be used for the next surgery. I interact with
healthcare professionals like: surgeons in the OR, assistant
surgeons, employees in the Central Services Department, and
co-volunteers for instructions about the medical equipment. Intrigued
by the surgical tools utilized in the department, I go above and
beyond by researching about these tools to gain a greater depth of

Curious to know about the basic process of how surgeries are conducted, I
take the permission of the surgeons to watch surgeries from outside
through the glass window. In this tedious process, I observe the
efforts made by the surgeons and their commitment to their job. The
surgeons whom I watch communicate with one and another to figure out
how to save the life of the patient who is in their hands.

A doctor renders a service to the suffering. Living as the symbol of
hope and joy, he saves the many lives that suffer. Without the glow
of a doctor, a man suffering from pain will not recover. But, as soon
as the doctor arrives, the face of the suffering brightens with hope
for the best.

Watching the surgeons at Beaumont, I have felt agony and I feel the sufferings
of the patients along with how tedious the job of a surgeon is. I
have learned that medicine is a gift. Around the world, there is a
need for doctors. Due to the shortage of doctors, various countries
are placing regulations to keep doctors in their countries. In India,
it is obligatory for any government doctor that travels to the U.S.
for medical studies to sign a bond, promising that he/she will return
after studies.

Through my volunteer experience at Beaumont, I look into my future as a
health professional. As a person who sees the importance of medicine,
I would like to foster in the world awareness for how medicine is
what saves lives. But, it is not only about the medicine; it is also
about the patient to doctor interaction that can keep a patient bold
and most able to overcome sufferings.

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