Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Years of Health

Name: Kenia V. Barraza
From: Calexico, California
Grade: 12th, Snioe
School: Calexico Highschool
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Through years I have found myself sitting in front of thousands of
different doctors discussing a million diseases that could have taken
over my body. Instead of being terrified by this, I found myself
amused, yet I did not discover my true passion until I began
volunteering. The joy I found not only within the science but within
the people.

For the past year, I’ve been going to my local hospital to help a
minimum of four hours a day and this summer I got the opportunity to
volunteer in an adult day care for eight hours every weekend. Some
people may think this is excessive work for a high school student but
I simply love it. In both facilities I am asked to help do simple
tasks such as providing water to the patients, to more complicated
events such as CPR. Every task they give me brings me closer to the
patients in both centers which I would say is not just a blessing but
also a challenge. The attachment makes the tough situations like
seeing patients extremely sick or show symptoms of depression due to
their situation even harder to see. It may increase the levels of
difficulty but it also brings the most satisfaction. That it because
with my help I know several patients make it through the day and
there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a healthy and happy

They say that every day you learn something new, but ever since I began
volunteering all the knowledge I have received only leads me to more
awareness of my passion for the medical field. As I mentioned,
volunteering helped me find my love for helping others, which I have
to admit was the part I was terrified by. I never knew if I could
survive the constant interactions with others until volunteering
allowed me to see the beauty in it. Besides that, it increased my
curiosity in the science found in the medical range. Volunteering has
helped me in every possible way to get closer to my dream career.

The truth is that when I look into my future, I see myself working
in a hospital and volunteering has allowed me to see how it will
actually be. While looking at my future and current present, I plan
to use my career and volunteering activities to bring more attention
the importance of the medical field and to those found within it,
including doctors and patients. As time has passed, the medical field
has received a bad reputation when it does not deserve it at all and
I am determined to make people aware of that. This dream would not
have seem possible without my volunteering experience because I would
have been terrified to follow such a demanding career. The truth is
that without volunteering I would have never learned what it is that
I love to do and even if I had, I would have not had the courage to
do it.

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