Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Youth Forward Scholarship 2016 (Volunteering)

Name: Sabrina
From: Seattle, Washington
Grade: Junior
School: Technology Engineering and Communications High School
Votes: 0

The career I am going to pursue in involves animals. My name is
Sabrina Ramos and I am currently a senior in High school and through
wanting to study to become a Veterinarian Physician I knew I needed
to start now. During my junior year in April I found a shelter called
C.A.R.E.S Animal Shelter and I knew this would be great start in
achieving my goals. I choose to volunteer at this animal shelter was
because I wanted to gain more experience working with animals to
learn about the animals and to get the chance to study them. In the
schedule of the volunteer hours each volunteer is allowed to
volunteer once a week. When I was volunteering I had the
responsibilities of cleaning cages, floors, kennels, play area and
cat litter’s also feeding and giving the animals water, I also
helped customers with showing them the animals which include (dogs
and cats) and also walked the dog’s.

While volunteering the biggest challenged I had and still have is
being available, to clarify most of my medical appointments are being
placed on the scheduled day I come into volunteer and that is causing
me to be absent, this is due to my guardians work schedule. Being
able to take care and help not only the animals but others is a great
satisfaction to volunteering. While I am volunteering I am most of
the time cleaning which is alright but I am happy that I am helping
out, it’s a helpful opportunity. While volunteering I have learned
when each animal needs to be feed and how much they need to be feed
in each serving because you don’t want to over feed the animal or
not give it enough. I also learned about many different animals and
where they come from and how it affects them and how it emotionally
affects them.

Looking at my future I have a goal I want to achieve, I have planned
to attend community college then transfer to WSU then to medical
school, so from volunteering at the animal shelter it’s one step
closer to achieving my goals. Forward looking to me is looking at
where you stand now and from looking at what you’re doing and
thinking what you want to do and achieve in the following
years/months/weeks to come. I am hoping to still volunteer at animal
shelters in the future, it is a great opportunity to help out with
the community and to help animals in need as well, the change I want
to seek is gaining the work experience to go and actually rescue
animals from streets and homes. If I were to come back in following
years i do believe the volunteering I’ve done would make a
difference because every person who volunteers and helps at any place
even if they do the littlest amount of work makes a difference by
stepping up and volunteering to help that’s what makes a

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