Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – A lifetime of volunteering

Name: Genesis Campbell
From: Carlsbad, California
Grade: 10th grade
School: El Camino High School
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Growing up in my family I was conditioned from a very young age that out of
my overflow I was to help others. Whenever I found myself with
emotional abundance, finances, or time to spare I was raised with the
motive to use my energy to help bring up those who were struggling.
My identity which consists of my faith, the dark color of skin, my
gender as a female, and me being born from immigrant parents helped
to cultivate an instilled desire to aid those who are looked down
upon in society; specifically the homeless. The smile that graces the
lips of the people I help ,whether it’s through the organized
homeless food drives or the random man on the streets who I stop to
talk to, makes me fall more in love with the ministry I feel called
to. As a volunteer my job is to help serve the food to whoever is in
need of sustenance that day; a job that pierces my heart while
simultaneously mending all the shattered pieces. My biggest challenge
when volunteering was the realization that someone who pities is not
what the homeless need but rather someone who brings brightness and
light in the midst of their struggles. Volunteering is not about me
or my feelings but about how I can do my best to aid in the easement
of the struggles that the homeless face on a daily basis. Sometimes
there are days when you receive praise from the people you help and
sometimes there are days when you don’t receive even a glance of
recognition but my satisfaction isn’t tied to the gratitude
garnered but rather the amount of people in attendance which directly
translates to the amount of people who we helped provide a warm meal
to. Despite the number of people I’ve helped throughout
volunteering I have made a significant difference by showing even one
person that at the very I was invested in their well-being despite
society telling them how little their worth is. From volunteering I
realized that it doesn’t mold or make you into a better person but
rather unravels all the distractactions tugging at our hearts and
attention on a daily basis. The desire to help is the purest human
instinct but as we grow older society shapes us into people who are
only focused on our own success out of the fear of own failure.
Volunteering has encouraged me to change my mindset into investing in
those who are not in a position to help me also, which will forever
be engrained to my heart. In the future I plan to pursue a career in
political science where I will one day be in a position of power
where I can not only contribute to helping those in need physically
but also through policies. Volunteering in my youth is not only an
activity that I will foster but a way of life that I will continue to
pursue throughout my adulthood.

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