Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – A Smile “Makes a Life Worthwhile”

Name: Aysia Holder
From: Mansfield, TX
Grade: 11th Grade
School: Mansfield Lake Ridge High School
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We live our lives every day. And every day we take essentials for granted.
Sometimes we don’t even realize that some things are essential
until we don’t have it. Like being able to have the choice not to
eat breakfast subconsciously knowing that we’ll be able to have our
next meal whenever we please. It’s at our finger tips.

For me, I love to tell stories, I love to tell them to other people
and make them happy, distract them from the realms reality, or just
excite their imagination. For volunteer work I had originally wanted
to read books to children in the hospital. However, there were no
such opportunities in the area I lived in, so instead I participated
in mission work in the next town. I was actually nervous to
participate in volunteering in general, which was why for the longest
time I had pushed volunteering on the back burner. I was afraid. It
was hard for me to speak up to people who I am not familiar with. If
it wasn’t for my mom and school forcing me to get out of my comfort
zone I would have never participated in such a thing. And it was
honestly life changing. It was the greatest feeling helping those who
didn’t have that I had at my very finger tips. At the same time it
helped me to grow further and further out of my shell.

I volunteered 6 hours a month. 2 of those hours were spent at the mission center and
the rest at the library. Every time I went to the mission center I
was given a different job. Sometimes it’s organizing clothes that
people donated, other times it’s helping people get the items they
needed. At the library I was in charge of putting away books and
helping people find books. Whether it was volunteering at the library
or the mission center, I enjoyed it just as equally. I liked
assisting people in the slightest way to allow them to get what they
are looking for. The greatest thing was seeing the smiles on their
faces. It made me happy that I can make somebody else happy, because
it’s so easy to disappoint people. We disappoint our family and
friends almost every day. To be able to make at least one person
happy is refreshing, it cleanses all the disappointments you’ve
caused others.

My career goals and interest align with my original volunteer focus, which is to
read stories to children especially ones going through hard times. I
want to become a screenwriter, create movies, and write books. I can
write my own stories and go around and read them.

I don’t really have a specific goal right now that I want all my volunteering to
eventually add up to. I’m still at the beginning of my volunteer
journey. Right now, I just want to bring people out of their
struggles with a simple smile, because that’s where hope begins,
through a smile.

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