Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Change

Name: Meghan Taylor Opferman
From: Dayton, Ohio
Grade: Junior
School: Carroll High School
Votes: 0

During my time volunteering I have worked at many different places.
The majority of my time is spent volunteering with my martial arts
school.  I also tutor with National Honors Society and Spanish
Honors Society.  Throughout the summer I help teach a grade
school band camp and participate in a community band.  I prefer
to volunteer many places in order to learn the most and to help as
many people as possible.  I volunteer as much of my time as
possible which ends up having to a few hours each month during the
school year and a lot each month during the summer.

While volunteering I have lots of responsibilities mainly to those I
am helping.  I have to always make the correct decisions:
teaching what truly needs to be taught, listening to problems, and
providing adequate solutions.  This creates lots of challenges,
when tutoring I need to have a strong base in the subject in order to
help the tutee appropriately and when I’m teaching martial arts I
have to take each students uniqueness into consideration when helping
them.  I have to always make the right decision for each unique

However difficult it may be to volunteer at all of these places they
provide many rewards, the best being helping others.  When I
participate in the community band I give people joy through
performing, when I assist in teaching the grade school band I help
children gain an appreciation for band to pass on to those they
perform for.   When I teach martial arts I know that I am
teaching a child valuable skills that will keep them safe and also
skills like discipline, dedication, and determination. Through my
tutoring I give students the chance to ask questions that could make
a big difference in their future studies. The chance to help others
with their current problems and future problems is what gives me the
most satisfaction as a volunteer.

Through volunteering I have learned more than I could by just
participating.  When I volunteer I constantly have to look at a
problem a different way or find a new way to word an answer a
question.  I have to listen to directions from more
knowledgeable people and at some points to take charge.  These
life skills are something that would have been hard to learn in a
different environment and they pertain to my future.  I see
volunteering as a form of looking forward.  By looking forward I
am now thinking about how my decisions affect my ability to even have
the choice of some decisions in the future.  And not just how my
actions now affect me in the future but how they affect others. I
hope that at least one person I have taught will remember what I
taught them or at least be influenced by what they learned; however,
if not one person is helped by me at least I know that I made a
change in myself.

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