Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Easier Hurdles for others

Name: Joseluis Garcia
From: Mesa, Arizona
Grade: 11
School: Arizona State University
Votes: 0

            Every year the Carson Wrestling Team would train at the Westwood wrestling
room since the Carson Wrestling room is not available. This year Leo
Lopez, a previous Westwood Wrestle, would coach them. But there many
athletes who participate, some on higher levels than others. I come
in to help train them so that Leo does not have to be the only one
who coaches them. I go around the room during drilling sessions so
that I can see which athlete has problems is what areas. Whether it
may be their stance or the way they tack a shot, I try and help them
as much as possible. As for the more experienced wrestlers, I help
them by answering the questions that they have for certain moves. I
also would wrestle one on one with them, making sure that they use
their technique and to be looking for something while also being
defensive so that they themselves don’t get taken down. I help more
with those who are more on the upper weights as I has had more
experience in those areas. I give them tips that have helped me do
better when I was in a wrestling match. Right now, there are a few
returning wrestlers but there is also quite a bit of new faces that I
saw. I hope that through this training that they will stick to
wrestling and continue to high school, prepared and ahead compared to
others who have started in their freshman year.

It was the end of the season for the Carson junior high wrestling team and we are preparing them
for the city tournament that was going to take place at skyline high
school. We had tried to work more on the technique that they would be
more likely to use and would be easier and have a better chance of
success for them to pull off in a match against another school. As
the tournament was approaching quickly, the coaches and I would tell
the Carson kids that if they had lost in the past that they can
change the outcome so that they can win. They had enough training
since then, and they have improved a lot since the beginning when
they were new to the sport. When the day of the tournament came,
there were a couple of matches where we have lost, making those kids
out of first place, but they still had a chance for third place. As
the tournament continued, some of the Carson kids got knocked out and
were out of the tournament. But the few kids that were still in the
tournament, two were had a shot for 3rd place and one was going for
1st place. In the end, one of the kids who were going for 3rd place
lost, but the other had won. The kid who was going for first place
had also won, making him the city champion. We congratulated him,
especially since he was in seventh grade.

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