Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Enlisting a Change: One mind at a Time

Name: Shacara Adams
From: Plainfield, Illinois
Grade: High School Sophomore
School: Plainfield North High School
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Starting my junior year of high school, I decided to spend my time tutoring my peers; I mark this instance as the most prominent volunteer opportunity that I have endeavored. This has provided me with a fulfilling experience in regards to volunteering and community service. While tutoring sophomores in geometry I was able to witness their progress in
mathematics, and be a part of their journey. Every week I was thanked for having helped a student to do better on geometry assignments. Volunteering is a wonderful habit in itself, but when you are personally able to witness the benefits, it makes you want to do more within your community. That notion serves as the prime reason as to why I decided to tutor my high school comrades; I have received a great deal of satisfaction from being able to witness their academic progress.

Throughout my junior year of high school, I spent thirty minutes each day tutoring sophomores in geometry, totaling up to three and a half hours each week. I made it my personal responsibility to ensure their understanding upon a topic, I also held myself accountable for motivating them to complete daily assignments, and to study for any upcoming exams. In some students, I recognized their reluctance to learn and I then made a point of ensuring that they gained confidence in their area of struggle; said occurrence can be cited as being the most prominent challenge I faced while being a tutor. Although, I believe any challenge to be the best learning experience one can encounter; from that experience, I have learned how to properly aid someone in their journey for excellence.

Coming back in a decade or so, I believe my early actions will have positively contributed to the lives of those within my community. My volunteer work has touched the lives of the people within my community, enlisting them with newfound
knowledge, as well as a new perspective upon learning. I deem said actions will be able to change the world one mind at a time.

Looking towards the future, my volunteer work has given me valuable insight on what it would be like to help and educate others, a field in which I wish to study and someday enter as an educator, making this a scrupulous forward
activity. I believe the term forward looking can be applied to any activity or situation that will better enable oneself
to enlist on any fulfilling journey, whether it be educational or purely self oriented.
Forward looking can be deciphered as a description upon a mindset that responsibly considers the affect on the future by participating in any activity.

My experience with volunteer work has inspired me to do more within my community. I now withhold a positive intuition upon myself and my community; I consider certain situations to be a new opportunity for me to lend a hand in any way possible, and I am pleased to witness the outcome that stems from volunteer work.

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