Name: Saidon Richardson
From: Ft.Lauderdale, Florida
Grade: 10th
School: Dillard High School
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Saidon Richardson



Volunteering is
great humbling experience that everyone should have. Staying
committed to helping other individuals is key to successful happiness
within me and others. Helping my community can go really far, but
staying consistent will get me closer to my community’s end goal.
You might not know what type of impact you will make on a certain
person, so things like explaining the cause of volunteering,
conversing with new people, and how to make a difference can help
you volunteering be worthwhile!

first way I commit to volunteering is to know the cause of why I am
volunteering. For example, last summer I was a volunteer counselor at
an overnight camp. Looking up background information about the camp
before it started made me get feel closer to the camp, even though it
hadn’t started yet. Knowing the history of the campsite and
information on activities and staff, all play a role into grasping
the whole idea of committing. Showing interest is another cause of
helping me help others. Even acting engaged will trigger your mind to
appreciate what you are doing. This camp I went to was a four-day
camp that lasted overnight. While I was at the camp, I used the prior
knowledge I learned before camp to get me ready for actual camp. This
really helped alot. During the ninety-six hours I got to spend with
the camp, the information really helped me like and appreciate where
I was and who I was with. Also, as camp counselor, it is our duty to
know and answer questions of the campers. Without history on the
camp, I don’t think I would’ve been able to answer those

a difference within my community is very important because it not
only does it affect me, but it affects the people in the community as
well. Volunteering does count and it does make a huge difference, but
that is only when it comes from the heart. When volunteering I try to
focus on the end result, the outcome of the whole project. For an
example, earlier this year I volunteered at an elementary school to
help students with their homework. That time period was very “forward
looking” . It helped me understand and notice that these students
are going to follow our footsteps. These kids learn from us, no
matter if it’s good or bad. This is why us as volunteers need to be
mindful of what we do in front of the next generation. Committing to
something and sticking to the script shows the young ones respect and
accomplish anything they put their mind to. The satisfaction of
seeing kids come back to me, showing me all their A’s on their test
is priceless and sacred.

way to commit is to communicate. This reason is a big one, a lot of
people listen but don’t communicate. Communication and
understanding go hand-in-hand when it comes to not only volunteering,
but success in life in general. Conversing with the people I work
with and help lets me get a better understanding in their argument or
overall point. Volunteering in my community’s 4-h club making
vegetable and fruit bags is one example of communication. Tossing
diverse fruits and veggies into bags isn’t as easy as it sounds.
Customers may ask for certain foods more than others, which made
communication the key to organization. Everyone understood everyone,
leaving everything flawless!

at different places and taking the lessons I learned made me into the
person I am today. Lessons can always be found in anything you do.
From finding the cause, communicating, and making a difference are
just some of my reasons to commit to volunteering. I receive when it
is always time to give back.

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