Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Feeding the Less Fortunate

Name: J'Shon Moore-Slone
From: Bowling Green, Ohio
Grade: 12th
School: Bowling Green State University
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I have chosen to volunteer with Forgotten Harvest, a food bank company that donates
food to the homeless, children at school, and families with low
income. I choose Forgotten Harvest because it was for my senior year
community service credits, as well as, it was down the street from my
house. I loved my experience there when I went with my school and I
continued to go for a month until my church got involved with doing
the same thing. It was the environment feeling inside of the building
that kept me coming back and knowing that there are people who care
about if another person eats. I would go and spend 5 five hours a
week helping sort the food and packaging the food properly. I had a
few roles as a volunteer, such as; bagging cereal and checking to see
if it is 2 pounds, examining donated food, sorting food into the
correct bins.

My biggest challenge was sorting the food in putting them into the correct bins.
Sorting may sound easy but it is hard because there are so many
different food categories and I was confused. I was thinking the
categories are perishables and non-perishables. There are more
categories, such as; glass, fruit, vegetable, canned food, boxed
food, candy, liquids, refrigerated, and food with expiration dates. I
remember asking the lady who works there so many questions about each
food I picked up. I was confused when I picked up an item and it fits
in multiple categories. Sorting food only lasted 20 minutes for me
because it was too challenging for me. The worker would soon move me
to a different part of the facility to examine the food and to pack
food into bags. We both found these new positions and roles benefited

The most satisfaction I receive from volunteering is knowing I am helping
someone get a meal. I enjoy giving back to people and love seeing
people smile once they receive the different kinds of food. This
experience taught me that there are more than one thing I can do to
help someone else survive, as well as, teamwork can make anything
which is possible happen. The focus of my volunteer work intertwines
with what I want to do in the future by helping and giving back to
multiple communities. I work and plan things with every possible
repercussion in order to know what are the right move to take.
Looking forward is about seeing a vision through all the way and not
just the beginning. Knowing what the job will do after the owner has
passed away. Most things will happen if everyone comes together and
help like volunteering. I believe my volunteer service would be a
small stepping stone that will encourage others to play a major or
minor role in their community.

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