Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – That Fuzzy Feeling Inside

Name: Allyson Ritter
From: Olathe , Kansas
Grade: Sophomore
School: Olathe Northwest
Votes: 1


Allyson Ritter

When asked about volunteering, many teens tend
to shy away from it because it seems like too much work or takes too
much time out of the day. However, when I was younger that seemed all
I wanted to do. After winning the Presidential Service Award this
past school year, I looked back to see when I first realized that
volunteering was something I enjoyed to do. I was first fully
introduced to volunteering in middle school. It seemed to be all I
wanted to do. Since seventh grade, I tend to lean towards
volunteering with children. I tend to work approximately 30 hours
with them during the summer and about 15 during the school year
because of my busy schedule. I live for that fuzzy feeling inside
after you put in a great day of volunteering. With children, I
partake in many different events. One of my favorites is reading to
the Small Wonders Preschool through the Salvation Army. This year I
got to be the chair in lining it up with my 4H group. During the time
with the preschoolers, I read them different books, play games with
them, and help them with a craft. The way that the preschoolers
attach to us is amazing. I remember I had only been there
approximately fifteen minutes when one of them already knew my name
and wanted me to sit next to him and just talked about everything
under the sky from Paw Patrol to butterflies (which is what they were
learning about that day). One of the hardest things about
volunteering can be trying to get other families to sign up when you
are the head of a committee. While you think that it sounds amazing
to do, you sometimes have to make is sound more appealing to others
so that they would want to do it as well. I have learned that being
around kids is something I enjoy very much. I have realized that
helping out with children whether it is at a day camp or VBS or even
at a preschool, I tend to find myself not even realizing that I am
volunteering but as just being there as a friend or an older role
model. Through volunteering with children, I have realized that I
possibly want to become a teacher. As a senior, the most prominent
question of “What are you going to do after high school?” can be
answered with confidence that it will be something with children.
Which I may had never discovered if I did not start volunteering with
preschoolers when I was younger.  While encouraging youth to
volunteer may be hard at first, if they find their niche it will be
hard for them to stop.

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