Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Hospital Volunteering

Name: Jolie Tatton
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I have chosen to volunteer in the Primary Children’s Rehabilitation
area in a hospital. I have always loved working with little kids, as
well as physical therapy. The sweet spirits of kids never fail to
brighten my day, and the fact that I get to help them get to a place
where they can live a normal life makes me feel like I am doing good
in the world.

My responsibilities are to clean and organize rooms, toys, and play
areas. Often, I will get to assist the physical or speech therapists
when they need help. My biggest challenge was trying to do my best
when the physical therapists needed me. I would never do anything to
challenging, generally I would just hold an object still while they
would work; however, I did not want to mess anything up. The most
satisfying thing was seeing the end results of what I was able to do.
For example, seeing a kid a couple weeks later take their first
steps, or finish their physical therapy sessions. It was sad to see
them leave, but satisfying knowing that I have helped them be able to
enjoy their life a little bit more.

I have learned that the best things in life take time. You can never expect results right away.
This is something that I have always struggled with, but after
volunteering here, I know that the sweeter things in life come to
those who wait. I now know that I want to have a career where I get
to help people. Not necessarily physical therapy, but a job that will
let me get the same level of satisfaction. I would like to change the
negativity in the world. Often times these children and their parents
come hopeless, thinking nothing while change nor get better. After
going through these sessions, their outlook changes. They start to
feel more positive and hopeful. These children later in life will be
able to say that they overcame their issues. They will feel grateful
for what they have because they almost lost their ability to move. I
want to help people realize that need to be grateful for what they
have, because some people may wish for that. I think that my
volunteer activities would have made a difference. There may not be a
large impact, but maybe for one or two people, I think I did help
make a difference.

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