Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Inspiring Youth

Name: Caleb Hunt
From: Jacksonville, Florida
Grade: 10th
School: Robert E. Lee Senior High
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Inspiring Youth

The main area that I chose to volunteer in was as an assistant counselor
at an after-school program at an elementary school. On average, I
would volunteer about 15-30 hours per week. As an assistant
counselor, my responsibilities were to tutor and supervise the kids
whenever the main counselor wasn’t present. At times, I was also in
charge of creating activities for the kids to do in the future. In
this position, my greatest struggle was trying to tutor the kids.
Because I was a high school sophomore I had already learned
everything the kids were learning at the time and I felt that it was
hard to help them out without giving them the answer. Aside from my
challenges, what gave me the most satisfaction out of volunteering
was showing the kids many new softwares that would encourage them to
pursue more of a technical career if they liked to work with them.
The key concept that I took from this experience overall was that you
need to have patience when it comes to caring for and tutoring
younger kids. Many of the kids wouldn’t get my manner of tutoring
at first and some didn’t want to listen to me either when I was put
in the authoritative position. Over time though I began to refine my
tutoring practices in a way that the kids could understand, and after
getting to know them more the kids also learned how to respect me in
turn. In the future, I believe what I introduced to these kids will
push them to add their own technological advancements to the world
and show people just how great they are through their creations.
Through my time volunteering I planned to give these kids a taste of
technology that they probably haven’t gotten a chance to see and
maybe spark something in them that encourages them to make their own
technological advancements. If I were to visit the school in the
distant future I believe that if some of the head counselors are
still there they may have different mentoring methods or activities
that I would do to expose the kids to more of the growing world of
technology that we know today.

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