Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Its Your World

Name: Sunshine Loya
From: El Paso, Texas
Grade: Senior
School: El Dorado High School
Votes: 0

I think that the impact of volunteering helping to clean up is one to
remember. What I mean by helping clean up the side of the high way
and looking at all of the trash that was picked up and you’re able
to look back whether it be a few days, weeks, or a year. Seeing how
messy people can actually be will give you a sense of guilt because
maybe once you have thrown something as simple as a receipt out the
window, but you know if a person has that mindset of “oh well it is
only a small piece of paper”. What makes you think that other
person won’t think the same? I have personally known what picking
up the highway for an organization named It’s Your World. I was also
there to help clean up all the trash we have collected from the
adopted highway we have. I have also helped washed and rinsed the
trash we have collected because in this organization we are going to
transform the trash into artwork. I am so happy I got the opportunity
to do this project because now I know to never throw things out my
window; I have seen several animals hiding inside the trash. It’s
the fact that I know they don’t belong inside the trash but they have
adapted to living in those situations because trash is constantly
being thrown in the highway like if it were a landfill.

In the course of helping I have seen many people taking in the chance of
wanting to help clean up the side of the high way and that make it
feels amazing because turned this school project into a city wide
project with just nine kids and one teacher. We weren’t able to
complete rid the trash, but it’s 
definitely a start. If we had not
done this project of cleaning up the highway all that trash would
have piled on top of each other, since we live in the desert this
just makes it easier for the dirt to cover it up and make it look
“clean” when in reality it isn’t. Which is why we have also
spread awareness throughout the city so everyone can see what’s going
on and how it could be stopped. We have to take this seriously this
is not something we can just look past, if you happen to find a
wrapper on the floor pick it up. There is no harm of helping in the
littlest possible way. Now I am going to talk realistically, I cannot
control people and tell them to help us clean the highway and wash it
all. This is going to have to be an act of courtesy, everyone is
different some people don’t care and other do. Volunteering isn’t
just about one person it takes a team to help make a difference and
to help make something possible. This was an opportunity I am happy
to be a part of.

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