Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Lead By Serving Others

Name: Kodi Harris
From: McDonough, GA
Grade: 10th
School: Union Grove High School
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Lead by Serving Others”
attitude weighed more than the furniture

The first time I ever
volunteered, I was eight, and it was with my family at an
organization known as Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry in Atlanta
during Christmas. I remember seeing one child who had one of the
older game systems, a Nintendo 64, while I took my Xbox 360, a newer
system, for granted. From this point in my life, I came to
understand the importance of helping those who did not have. For
several years during each Thanksgiving and Christmas, we volunteered
there, and seeing so many people who did not have things that I took
for granted on a daily basis made me realize that despite our own
needs, there were always people who needed things more than we did.
Moreover, I chose to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity over the last
summer and gained 52 hours of service because the prospect of helping
the homeless receive homes was very invigorating to me. As a senior,
I plan on gaining at least 200 community service hours by the time I

I am always asked the
question: “How would you describe the feeling that comes from
helping others?”. Love. That is one word that describes the
greatest feeling that I have experienced as a volunteer. Sometimes
it’s not materials, money, or homes that people are in need of;
it’s love. I love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when I have
helped them accomplish a task. I still recall one day my family and I
went to feed the homeless; there were two little boys no older than 7
and 8, and they approached us simply wanting bananas and sandwiches.
They were so pleased to receive these items, returning to their
father very merrily. One important thing I have learned from
volunteering is the value of leading by serving others. In order to
become a leader of tomorrow, one must be willing to serve their
constituents: to be the voice of hope and help in their people’s
time of need.

My future goal is to become a
neurosurgeon. Volunteerism in my opinion, is a highly necessary trait
for physicians to have in order to truly understand some of the
people who become their patients. In college, I plan on continuing my
community service efforts, and I when I attain my medical degree, I
will become a member of Doctors Without Borders, an organization
dedicated to helping those in war-torn countries facing endemic
diseases. My activities in the coming years will always and only be
forward looking. To me, this means that as I pass through each
obstacle of life, I will continue to keep sight of my goals and
endeavors, helping others along the way. Volunteerism is a way of
life that I believe everyone should partake in, and I will be sure to
instill it in my children.

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