Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Life of Volunteering

Name: Asya Esco
From: Madison, Mississippi
Grade: 11th
School: Germantown High School
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In the act of volunteering, I have chosen to partake in animal shelters,
daycares, and youth empowerment groups. I enjoy volunteering very
much. Although I do not only volunteer for humans, I believe that all
acts of volunteerism are good and exceptional. It is the fact of
knowing that what I am doing could make a difference in someone’s
life just by being there for them or lending a hand in whatever is
needed. Volunteering is not something that I am forced to do in my
life, however it is a delight just to be able to say that I did and
that I enjoyed myself while doing it. The cause varies, but my
passion for helping others and making a difference is the feeling
that makes me the happiest and the feeling that I live for.

In all, I try to volunteer at least 40 hours every summer and acquire
more hours during the academic school year if I can. Where I
volunteer in the summer mainly focuses on the institutions that are
holding the most patrons. That is usually daycare facilities and
animal shelters. Workers at these places need the most help during
summer months. Their responsibilities triple during this time due to
the multiplication of the recipients of their services. It seems to
help a lot just being there and taking off just a small percentage of
their burdens. Those working hours a day take off pressure of the
workers and restore hope in the community that the facility may be

My responsibilities as a volunteer vary by where I am volunteering at
that moment. My hours a day vary from 4 to 10 hours. It solely
depends on my roles and responsibilities of where I am. Such as, if I
am at an animal shelter, my responsibilities range from dog walker
and groomer to adoption supervision. If I am at a daycare, my
responsibilities range from teacher for the day to cook’s
assistant. At the youth empowerment groups, I am usually the
coordinator of activities and events. I mainly lay out the plan for
the day and decide on what activities the kids are going to do and
who will be supervising and when it will be their turn.

Being a volunteer comes with satisfaction, as well as challenges. The
satisfaction always outweighs the challenges, nonetheless. My
greatest satisfaction that I receive from volunteering, are the
reactions I get from the children and from the workers that have been
there for a long time, and they notice how much the kids and the
animals take an unusual shrine to me. I love the feeling that it
gives me when I can tell that I’m making a difference in their
lives without really even trying to force it upon them. The
challenges however, are making sure that they know the difference
between who I am and who they are. Kids have a tendency to try to be
your friend although you’re in a position of authority. There are
times where I have had to make sure that they understand the
distinction between the two and are willing to be comfortable with

I definitely see my actions as being “forward looking”. The phrase
“forward looking” varies by person, but to me, it is a very
strong phrase to connect with someone’s personality. That would
suggest that you are basing your actions by thinking of your future
and how your actions will affect them in the long run. Being forward
looking would mean that you are making sure that your future is set
in place and going in the direction that you want it to. Such as in
my volunteering activities, I am hoping to make my mark on the world
to set myself in motion for the future. I am hoping to interact with
people who will remember me later in their lives and go for what they
want to achieve. I want those who I help, to believe in themselves as
I believe in them.

In the next ten, twenty, or even thirty years, I would love to come back
to my roots and find those who I helped at this time in my life. I
would love to see the impact that I made on their lives. I have given
children hope when they thought that nobody else cared about them. I
am very positive in my outlook on life, and I am hoping that I have
made a lasting imprint. I truly believe that I have made a difference
in the world. I may not be able to change the entire world, but
helping one child, or eve animal, could change their entire world
without them even knowing.

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