Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Love Disguised as Hate

Name: Aisha StPhilippe
From: Lowell, Massachusetts
Grade: College Sophomore
School: UMASS Lowell
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St Philippe

31, 2017

Disguised as Hate

Around fifth grade my father quit his job to tutor me and other kids in
math. Although I did get better, I hated it. Other kids always had
more freedom than I did spending time with their friends while I was
forced to stay inside year round practicing math problems. It was
only a matter of time before my teachers began to wonder how I was so
good at math. I became good at science too since a lot of it was
based on math. Although I hated the process, the results were
enjoyable. I began to think that it was unfair to enjoy this for
myself when so many other students were struggling on the same topics
I was excelling on. So my father and I took initiative and made our
tutoring program into a business. On average we had about 15 to 18
students in the house, working on their basic math skills. We soon
added reading and writing as well because even though English the
most common language, it seems as if many people don’t know the
rules of the language. I did it everyday from Monday to Saturday
mainly from 3pm to 6pm on weekdays and 10am to 2 pm on Saturday.
Sometimes if students needed extra help I put in extra hours to help
them understand what they were stuck on. At times I’d be left alone
with the students. My father did it on purpose because he wanted me
to have the experience of trying to control them and make sure they
were improving, as promised to their parents. It was extremely
difficult but it helped me grow patience and it increased my work
ethic. Some people felt bad that I had to put in so much time to do
this, but I was happy. Watching a student grow academically is the
most satisfying experiences I will ever come across. And even though
there are many satisfying experiences, growing up to be a leader and
guide students to take their academic life seriously is very time
consuming and frustrating. I would love to help the program to reach
out to students around the globe. Academics aren’t for any specific
group of students in a certain area. It’s for people of all ages
and ethnicities. What I do will help me gain the trust from people in
my surroundings to continue growing the program and help more people.
I hope that when I am old, I can look back at what I’ve done and
pass away at peace knowing that I’ve made a difference in many

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